Thursday, November 18, 2010

reno withdrawal

I'm having reno withdrawals and i made it worse for myself by searching for all the internal 'befores' only to find bugger all. Dammit! There are a few pic's, but i like seeing a direct 'before' and 'after' shot - side by side, same angle and they're nowhere to be found! It's this new aged electronic filing of pictures and data cards. Which, yes, it's very convenient but the cards are so little and can slip between any old thing... which they do all the time.

I did come across the shots of the house in it's first stages that i thought i'd share. Going back nearly 3 years, we demolished the original dwelling and then relocated what is now our existing home, onto the block from across town. Our lovely neighbour took photos of it arriving in the middle of the night, twas a very dramatic evening  for the street. Check it out - looks like such a tip when it arrived - very deflated and defenseless. Fancy that, a house crossing over the storey bridge on a truck.
Bless our neighbour. He did up a CD of the house for us, this is all courtesy of him. It's very precarious looking on the blocks - i remember for the first few months prior to restumping, we accessed the house up a ladder to the back door. I was paranoid that it would topple over (the house that is) - it just didn't look safe.
 Being that it had been vacant (of humans) for a while prior to us purchasing it, a window had been left open and it was horrifically evident that an exceptionally well fed (extended) family of pigeons with very good digestion had found their own haven. Removing their parting gifts was memorable.
This is the house restumped, it looks much more dignified now, it's pride slowly returns ...
We pulled out the kitchen and bathroom and re-designed the layout of both and i remember there being a huge copper rangehood in the kitchen ... which i allowed one of the electricians to have ... while 'A' was away. Woopsy daisy - i didn't know copper was worth $$, and when i look back now i could've made it work in our kitchen - stainless steel is annoying, it marks at the thought of marking. This is the sunroom and junk area of the house, you can see the rangehood to the right there. How this room has changed and all we did was paint and polish, I love the slant of the ceiling and those windows attract so much natural light.
This was the first stages. We did much of the hard yakka ourselves from here on in and i swore i would never touch a bottle of sugar soap again... i keep going back. I'll do a couple more posts on this reno with whatever pic's i can find and then i'll be able to show you the sideboard i've nearly finished revamping.


  1. Such a lovely home but what a big job! How great was your neighbour to take all those photos?

  2. Oh thank heavens for a neighbourly neighbour. I loved this before & after tale; quite a journey your house has had (and I don't mean that in the journey buzz word sense). It did look a little precarious on the blocks. How many rooms do you have & do you know where your house was prior to you buying it? Don't envy the pigeon poo job.