Thursday, November 4, 2010

the culprit

As i looked at bits 'n' pieces earlier i stumbled across this:
Now i know why there's always so many layers of vinyl floors to pull up in old kitchens! They ad-ver-tised it!!!!!! 

This is a fine example of the 1950's well and truly being the 'age of the consumer'. Out with the old - in with the new. Just cover that flooring up when you get over it. I mean, obviously, if you can get away with layering it you would, right? ... look how easy it is ... and a woman can do it!

Yep, this ad would've got me hook, line and sinker people.  I'd be all over that vinyl like a rash ...changing it up annually if not - seasonally.  There's much to love about the 50's.


  1. Everything was so much simpler back then wasn't it?! Bad for the environment mind, but I guess they weren't sending their old vinyl to landfill. I'd choose the red & white stripes. x