Sunday, November 21, 2010

white on white and black

A great combination.

We painted the house the same in as out. Dulux Whisper White on the body, White Watsonia on the trims (inside) and railings, sill's,  fascia etc outside. Detailing in black - gutters, doors, security etc.  The painter tried and tried to convince me to add another colour. He thought my idea was dull and not traditional for this era of home. Each to their own. The house looks fresh and brightens my day when i pull into the drive, even when the sky is overcast and it's pelting with rain.

Aggregate driveway in grey/white/black

This is the back deck finished and painted
'A's handy work is excellent, he deserves some serious snaps for it. He built the carport and electric gates himself (as pictured above in the first pic). And he built the fence, and he's not a carpenter, nor has he done any training. How do boys do this stuff???
It was quite a project. He dug out the fence line by about half a foot and then put long pieces of timber into the ground along the sides as a barrier/box, as well as stuff that goes under cement on the bottom - wire i think? He then poured cement into it (and put the posts into it too) and as you can see there's a hob now. This is so a dog can't dig out of the yard, and it looks super neat. Then he built the rest of it and added the ball thing to each post. Looks fab.

I've always loved this detail on steps from when i was younger so had to have.
And these doors we added to the front deck. I'd bought something else from a guy on ebay and low and behold - he had these which i snagged for $20. I couldn't believe it, don't mind a bit of lattice in small doses and they fit perfectly.
Garden wise we haven't done a great deal. This is the little herb garden area that we never weed but serves us well all the same.
This is the rest of our one garden. The only structure when it comes to gardens/plants we have is the lilly pilly's framing the driveway. This garden is wild and unruly with a mixture of everything, different pots, baths, wrought iron and .... pottery projects our parents kept from high school and felt we would really like back now. I made a turtle. 'A' made a pot. Out of the dust and into the dirt.
We're currently nurturing some gardenia's and other floral's we bought for the front garden. I've nominated myself to plant it all. At the moment the front yard consists of a lime tree and a stunted poinciana. Poor lonely souls.
That's my reno fix for the time being. Short and sharp. There's many a story i could tell about this reno and there's obviously much more to it, anyone who's renovated knows the drama that can ensue.  I wish i had more before's of inside...maybe they'll turn up. For now it was nice little trip down memory lane looking at how the outside has changed. When we do underneath i am going to be so much better with the camera.
December 1 is next week! Christmas tree time. Wahoo!


  1. Your home looks lovely. We're planning on painting our house white with one contrasting trim colour too. I really wish we were at the same renovating stage as you are. Sadly, we're many years away.

  2. I couldn't see the turtle. I like the white and black trim combo alot. Mr A is certainly to be accoladed for all his work. It looks like you're finished your renovations then?

  3. I wish we were finished R&S. Still have downstairs to do and niggly bits - bedrooms still have no doors and some of the windows no catchments so they swing in the breeze, does it ever end???Ugh! I didn't picture the turtle. Sorry. Will take a shot of him. It's fairly disappointing...

    Thank you brismod, know where you're at - feel your pain!! The trip down memory lane makes me feel better about the stress of it all. I'm enjoying watching your place come together. The windows in the sunroom look great!x

  4. What a lovely home you have. I can't wait until ours is finished - although I fear I'll get bored with nothing to do or plan!
    Megs :)

  5. I really like black and white together. They are an unshakable combination. The ladder looks really refreshing with that kind of paint.