Thursday, November 11, 2010

bergdorf goodman

I'm feeling very christmassy and am giddy with excitement because i've been looking at everything christmas ... decorations, food and shop displays - all the while humming 'white christmas'. If only i was going to experience one this year... or any year for that matter! 

I love what some visual merchandisers can do with shop windows, one window display can take you away into a completely different world ... Holly Golightly style.

This jaw droppingly stunning Christmas display is from Bergdorf Goodman's last year ... as follows ... "A compendium of curiosities"

How's that... different? I don't think i got all of them either.

This following one is from Le Printemps Haussmann in Paris - what year, not sure.

For those that this interests. I've found a link to a massive album of brilliant window displays photographed across the world. take a look ...  If i could hang the majority of them in my home to admire daily i would. 


  1. Unusual, and some a little freaky. My favourite was the first image with all it's sparkly glory and unicorn.

  2. Ha. i agree they have a creepy edge and they're so intricate. The one with all the stairs in the background reminds me of edward scissor hands for some reason. Check out that link - there are some great images on the website.

  3. Wow they are just amazing! I dream of just one white Christmas in New York...dream dream dream, cheers Katherine