Saturday, April 23, 2011

my favourite thing

I've had a good old fashioned tidy up and a couple of weeks ago rearranged the sunroom to accomodate the room divider.

If you remember, it had been black and white and has now been replaced with other stuff. So i moved the black and white hide and cushions into the lounge room with my most favourite item in the house, my 1950's lounge. This is it....
Aint she a beauty!I love, love,love, love her. Actually, quite a few of my fave items reside in this room. The little yellow stool is new on the block and has quickly made it into my top 10. It brings out the yellow in the dress 'Balinese Girl' has on in the frame and lifts the room a bit i think. Perfecto for my morning coffee.

The black and white just seems to work with it in my eye. Not to say that it does in anyone else's ...i'm sure many people would think it's overdone with the tropical print - but i like things a little off centre sometimes. And the hide is making the room feel a little warmer coming into winter.

Oddly, about 10 years ago, i purchased a handmade vintage skirt from the Paddington Markets in Sydney. I pulled it out about 2 years after purchasing the couch and thought how familiar the fabric looked. My sis-in-law turned it into two cushions for me with cute wooden buttons. That's them above. It's not the same fabric but rediculously similar.
I purchased this lounge from a shop called 'Found' on the Gold Coast about 4 years ago. They specialise in mid century pieces. I immediately fell in lust which turned to love very rapidly. The deal was sealed when they showed me the shelf that sits on the back and even though the fabric is a little fullon - i don't think i'll ever tire of it.

I just liked how the sun hit this when i took the photo and i have a massive love of Mother In Law Tongue's at the moment. Cannot get enough of them! I couldn't tell you the last time i watered him and he's still happy as larry. 

Another favourite of mine are my Tretchikoffs.  These 3 girls stick together on the opposite wall to Balinese girl. I admire them often. The trunk hides away CD's and DVD's. It's been a very loyal steed that trunk. When i first came across it, it had pigeon poo ALL over it. I was so offended, pigeon poo haunts me. It seems to turn up everywhere. Took me so long to polish it up but was worth the sore arms and chipped nails.

That's my little bit of show and tell... i'm a very proud parent to that lounge.

I hope your Easter is proving to be relaxing. Still 3 and a half days to go.


  1. Oh my! That lounge is gorgeous. I love your blog!

  2. Love that lounge,is it safe to say you spend way too much time in here? By the way your stall at the WAC is looking tempting!

  3. Thanks for sharing more of your house! Love everything about that lounge, the curves, the fabric, the black. Actually that entire first photo complete with yellow stools and mother in law tongues in the background to me looks like a cover for Home Beautiful. If you are not an interior stylist you should be and frankly you should nomimate yourself for one of those home magazines to do a feature on your house. Perhaps they could also include your shop too as a bit of side marketing! And those honey coloured floors and greyish white walls make it all work. More please. Melx.

  4. Your loungeroom is dripping with style and class! I think Bungalow Girl has it right! Go into styling and plug the shoppe!

  5. That lounge is amazing! The pattern is not too much at all... love that first image definitely...

  6. Very Fab...we sell stuff to Found...its a small world, cheers katherine

  7. Yes I third what Bungalowgirl said. Although I'm sure I've said something along those exact lines to you before.
    French doors make me happy. I'd love some!

  8. Oh thanks so much, what lovely comments. So thrilled to hear people love that lounge as much as i do. I do love playing around with interiors even when A grumbles about me moving things around.

    Ha, yes Simmone, i spend way too much time in that room. 5 hours straight yesterday watching Season 4 of madmen in fact!!! Addictive stuff.

  9. I love the details of this living room and the right light

    ;) Fede