Sunday, March 20, 2011

Preparing for a market stall

Busy, busy, busy bee.

'The way we wear' fair is on this coming weekend 25-27 March 2011, at the Mount Gravatt Showgrounds in Brisbane and ... big news ... my friend and i will be having a stall there. I had planned to open my own shop this year, and with things not falling into place the way i had planned, it will come to fruition when the time is right. In the meantime i've decided to rejuvenate some of the pieces i have collected over the years sooner rather than later which will be on sale this weekend. Bit of furniture, soft furnishings, homewares, vintage frocks, jewellery etc.

This week i'll show a few bits n pieces and some of the before and after's of the following. It's nice to look at the before and after's because it's such a lengthy process you forget why you bothered in the first place ... until you review the transformation - very worth it in the end.  Today, i finalised what fabric will go with what and this is the outcome:
This manilla cane footstool above will remain raw. I love it and happen to have sourced two, one for me and one for someone else. I completely adore the blue and white moroccan style fabric. It will cover the cushioning with a navy piping.
This little guy above is married, the missus is still drying. I had planned to paint navy or black, but when i happened across this fabric i changed my mind. It's red with beige and white detailing and is so refreshing to look at. The more i look at these things the more i want to keep them.
This chair belongs to the setting i pictured a couple of posts ago. The fabric is black with white and grey palm frongs. Perfect for this piece. So they go off to be made first thing in the morning.
 I'm a proud parent of some seriously growing tomatoes. They've grown at least 2 inches since last Sunday.

The house had smealt beautiful with the fresh roses provided by the markets yesterday ...

... but now smells of roast pork which i am salivating over. It still has about 50 hours to cook. I never post about cooking because i don't really do too much of it worth sharing. As you can see, this roast dish is about 300 years old but it does it's job very well. Sunday roasts are the best!


  1. Yummo, that roast is going to be fantastic. Old roasting pans are the best, all those years of cooking seems to add something to the pan. The market sounds fun. I used to do fairs etc years ago. Lots of packing and unpacking but I really enjoyed all the other stall holders and the atmosphere too. I am not surprised you plan to open a shop, I am sure when you do it will be fantastic and is sure to be a hit for you have such a fantastic eye and are such a naturally people person, genuinely interested in others etc. I hope this happens soon for you, xx Katherine

  2. I really like your old roasting pan. It shows it's done its job effectively for years. I'm sick of the throw-away-after-two-uses standard of some things today.

    Any screens for sale?

  3. Oh how exciting! I love the navy/white Moroccan fabric. Right up my alley!
    I like all your stuff, and am quite positive when you do open a shop will be a huge success. Will you be showing some sneak peaks of what you'll be selling?
    Your roast looks delicious. I'm being slack and making bacon sandwiches for dinner. You'll have tomatoes galore in no time!!

  4. Miss Katherine, you say such lovely things – thank you!
    Mmmm the packing and unpacking is always the non-fun part. I’m just hoping I can tear myself away from everyone else’s stalls. It’s predominantly fashion at this fair – the furniture’s a new thing but I always find something great. Last year it was a 1950’s silk coat.
    Nope, no screens I’m afraid MMM-C. I promise, if I offload one – you’ll be the first to know. It would need to be in the hands of someone with a deep love for them – which is you.
    I love that fabric too Sonia. Absolutely will show sneak peaks. All the furniture listed on this post will be for sale plus some other bits that I’ll throw up as I get to it during the week. Stay tuned!!! …