Monday, March 14, 2011

divide and screen

Are weekends getting shorter? I woke up this morning actually believing that it was Sunday and squirmed around happily thinking about what time i would choose to get out of bed ... then i realised.  The exact same feeling washed over me that i have when i think there's chocolate in the fridge only to find someone else has located it before me ... cheated.

Driving to work i considered how thankful i am to the moon that this year provides a long and hopefully glorious Easter/Anzac weekend. Then my attention swung back around to my 2 week long satisfaction at the purchase of the room divider.

I just really like anything that can divide a room - plants, half walls, screens, brick ... whatever. i don't enjoy really open plan unless you're a complete minimalist which i am not, i like something to add interest and intimacy to open spaces. A couple of example's of this 'dividery' is necessary for me to share and then the topic will be dropped for a little while...

The above divider reminds me the block screening used for exteriors. I just love it - always have and always will - must have a house with it. You'll remember it's featured in the post i did on 'Torbreck'.  So many people think i'm crazy but any home that has this stuff on it ... is sure to be a hit with me - looks fab in the pool area with a vine growing over it too.

I think it's had numerous names, breeze block, besser brick walls, brick perforated sceening walls and i'm sure many more. I imagine that Palm Springs and Miami are riddled with this stuff! I love the wooden detail on the one below.

Meanwhile, my makeover of the cane setting is coming along - i'm very much looking forward to getting it completed. White is so fresh and uplifting. The fabric for the chairs is going to finish it off perfectly i think.


  1. I like you just because you love dividers. If anyone questions you on your advocacy of dividers, I'd like to have a quiet word with them as to the pros, as opposed to cons, of dividers.

  2. You may want to look at this blog post that I always think about.

  3. Love that last house. Love it! In Bangalow there is a restaurant with a divider made of fine chains, which sounds awful, but it looks great.

  4. Thanks MMM-C, had a look. Great post! Ha, yes, i will refer non-screen-lovers to you should i have any trouble. You would love, love, love this 3 panelled mirrored screen i have - 1970's gold and 2-sided mirror - also have nowhere for it to live right now - all it reflects is the walls of the shed. Poor thing.