Monday, March 28, 2011


Whoaa Mamma. Fairs and market stalls are hard work! I gotta give it to my homies out there doin it week in week out - you are taking some serious super vitamins. I have a completely new found appreciation and respect for the fair/market stall holder. It is 250% exhausting - and even though i may have been on a spending ban at the fair, somehow i accidentally purchased a couple of little trinkets, like this elephant brooch ... it was to show my  appreciation
it's bakelite, they're holding their cute little trunks together ...
and this table cloth - i do like a bit of australiana particulary maps

It's colours are excellent to work in with a Queensland one i bought last year.
And these clip on earrings. Very special i think. Because i desperately needed more you see.

How was the fair you ask?
Great start - wasn't a total sell out, but excellent feedback and the chance to meet some super fab people. I'm 100% motivated on my quest.

I must be honest when i say - i probably won't do a fair again, but that's because it's so full-on moving furniture around and can be detrimental to stock. Different when it's clothes and accessories - but furniture and breakables? Like this cabinet here. The rope rubbed against it on the way home and took some paint off back to raw. See on the side near the handle.

Not a major and totally fixable but it's more time in transporting and mending. It's my fault, i was rushing to get home and pass out.
This is the cabinet before hand - such a handy little piece for a bedside or phone table
The handles are new and the I'm slightly obsessed with them. This cabinet is textured which actually looks odd in the picture but is pretty cool in reality
Networking is so valuable, so over the coming week i have emails to send to people who are looking for items i didn't have at the fair and also some soft furnishings in the fabrics i had on display. What was really good for me was who bought the items which were sold. It's always so nice to see the things you're passionate about going to someone who loves them just as much or more.


  1. I think you have caught my disease lovie ha. Well done, the start of big things I hope. Xx katherine