Thursday, March 17, 2011

a saturday drive

On Saturday, A and i went for a drive which is what we do when neither of us can face up to the list of stuff only the weekend enables us to action. We drove out to Nambour and then came back through Montville. Found this groovy store in Nambour called
It was packed with millions and millions of records. There were old music mag's and Womens Day's, prints of different things, jewellery, nick nacks and general stuff.

 for all y'all 80's fans out there this record player was 'totally narly'. I've seen one in a movie before i'm sure of it -  maybe 'back to the future'?
Downstairs little rooms shot off in different directions full of  vintage fashion, accesories, homewares and a snippet of furniture. Worth a browse next time you're in the hood. There used to be other antique stores up there but all i saw were empty shopfronts.

What i did see is this Old fella. Don't see enough of these red and white stripes these days. Cracker.
This Art Deco building is being painted black in case you can't tell - will look a gazillion times better once finished. It looked so good in real life compared to this photo. Black really is beautiful.
The drive up to Montville saw us come across this lovely old tennis court, the fencing was in excellent condition

Complete with a little spectators hut.

These purple trees are in bloom everywhere up there - very pretty

we took the back road down the mountain, which you can access on the main drag of Montville next to the school.
and took different turns here and there and ended up in lovely little Eudlo
That's Eudlo above. Look at that lone petrol bowser. Just adorable.

We also drove through Mooloola which had a store that shocked me called Vicious Vintage. Shocked me because it's the last thing i expected to come across in a little valley town, and also because the bloody thing was closed by 12:30 on a Saturday! Ugh. I'm going back.

Something that was achieved ... our second herb/vege garden that has tomatoes, lettuce, peas and some other stuff in it. I'm very excited about nurturing this, that gate thing is for the peas to climb up. We now have 2 old baths with herbs in them complete with the signs so i know what's what. All hell will break loose if a possum so much as eyeballs this tub!
My mother packed up some pieces of mine still at the family home including my cross stitch case i used when i was in primary school, this was still in the box ... It's love that makes a house a home. Awwww.... 
I hear cross stitch has been making some kind of comeback. Maybe this is a sign? My parents may like another bath towel each for christmas with their name's cross stitched on it like i did for them circa '88'. I was obssessed with making things. Their bedroom was riddled with plaque things similar to the one above. What parent's have to go through. All stopped when i hit great 8. Totes not cool anymore to 'stitch' in highschool!


  1. What a lovely drive.

    Captain V took me to lunch in Eudlo yesterday [it was my first visit] and not only did we step back in time venturing into the General Store but there is a wonderful art gallery next door with lots of pieces by local artists.

    The tennis court that you passed on the way to Montville has been a favourite of mine for a long time, I've never seen anyone playing on it though. The spectacular purple flowers are Tibouchinas [tib-oo-sheen-as] and are making a spectacular show right across the coast.

    I hope that your week has been as wonderful as your weekend,

    felicity x

  2. Vicious Vintage sounds like it has potential. Little shops always in faraway small towns always appeal to me. Plus you always remember any purchased item with lovely sentiment.
    I'm all for a leisurely procrastination from the real world drive. Montville it's surrounds are so pretty, green and lush.
    Tibouchinas are spectacular. I've got a new breed of Tibouchina in my garden which has pink/white flowers; well it will have when it grows up past my knee height.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely drive.

  3. Hey Felicity, we saw the gallery. I plan to take another trip and have a decent poke around, i didn't even go into the store. Thanks for the name of the flowers, they’re just gorgeous and absolutely everywhere at the moment. I think I’ll plant some at home.

    Sonia, that Vicious Vintage is receiving a visit from me sooner rather than later. I love stumbling across little shops like that too – I’ll be sure to report back on what lies behind those doors and you’re right – such a pretty place is Montville. x

  4. I spent the first few years of my life at Eudlo. My parents live at Diamond Valley at Mooloolah. It's a beautiful place. I have been known to frequent Vicious Vintage. The Black Snake Cafe across the road sometimes has a free mic - fabulous to go along and have a couple of beers and listen to the local 'talent'.

    TDM x

  5. Hello, love this post! I know it's a long shot, but I badly want to know the location of that tennis court! If anyone could help I be appreciate it :) Thanks