Monday, March 28, 2011

cane at its very best

I'm on ebay and mesmerised by this setting. This is the finest, most stunning and perfect example of the very best cane setting i have ever laid eyes on. Ever. In all the cane settings i've seen - this is the one that has stirred me the most ... ever .... ever
Just look at those curves
oh my
It has yet to sell and has a starting bid of $650 - based in Seaforth in NSW. I wish i hadn't seen it.

I wonder how many watchers are watching it? It's a rediculous bargain if you get it for under $1,000. The sunken lounge i plan on having in this lifetime would really thrive with this setting in it surrounded with palms and greenery flourishing in the indoor garden i also plan to have.  Wouldn't it look perfectly perfect? I wish very much that i had that house and space at this moment in time.

2 days and 1 hour to go. Someone is going to be a very very happy person come Wenesday night.