Thursday, March 24, 2011

g- g -glamorous

Although I have a massive penchant for second hand furniture, I adore foraging through racks of clothing to find something simply amazing. I just don’t like someone else having what I have or it may be the memories of my mother spending a small fortune on a silk number for an event when I was younger only to be collected by another couple with (gasp!!) my mother’s friend wearing the same outfit in a different colour! While the meter ticked in the taxi, Mum zipped back inside and changed – what else was she to do?
I'm letting go of some of my collectable pieces in the hope that they will find a home  which offers black tie balls and elegant formal dinners. Where have they gone anyways?
This gown and jacket ensemble is a stunning colour. My sister in law has worn the dress. I've worn neither the dress nor jacket. I've planned to wear the jacket ... i love the drama of the feathers around the wrist.
I picture a french woman being photographed in this jacket. The picture captured while she's sitting with legs crossed leaning forward with her elbow on a cafe table holding a cigarette gazing up into the lense, feathers sitting around her cheek and the sparkles of the jacket below her chin ... i wonder who's worn it? The sequin detailing on the dress is so beautiful in tones of silver and deep gold.
This gown is the prettiest shade of midnight blue. It's severely elegant - the back goes down into a V which is jewelled like the front. Never worn by me. By who? i do not know. The flutter sleeve is so lovely.
It seems i like the razzle dazzle. Belts, earrings. I so rarely wear pierced earrings anymore. I love a good clip on. For my mother's 60th birthday i took her to have her ears pierced. She was so tired of not being able to buy all the nice pierced earrings but had been a complete scaredy cat to go through with having her earlobe shot. It really is barbaric.

She refuses to allow another clip near her. So i now have all her 70's,80's earrings. Jadore them! ... but have too many so this along with other frocks seek a new owner.


  1. You really are having a good organize, well done ! you are sure to sell heaps at the fair.

  2. The midnight blue number I'd like. Unfortunately I don't seem to go anywhere these days so it would be wasted on me. Not sure if I'd pull off the back bit either...
    I can't imagine putting on a clip-on earring. I recall doing it with my Grandmothers earring as a child and it killed my little lobe!!
    You're going to have some people in raptures with all the goodies you've got to sell. Have fun! I look forward to hearing how it all goes.

  3. My mum also had the sea urchin type pair in the top right hand corner! I thought the were soooo glam - and actually they probably still would be......hmmm wonder where they are now. Those dresses are spectacular!


  4. ahhhh... the gorgeous red dress. I got soooo many comments when I wore it! Just divine and it looks way better in real life!