Sunday, March 6, 2011

ticking it off the list

I would be a complete head case if i didn't have lists...
On friday night, instead of cracking a wine with the girls, i condensed these lists ready for a very productive weekend. I mentioned a few posts ago that i had re-found a stash of Chanel makeup that had been pushed to the back of the bunch and neglected?

Well, it was on my list to go through and see what i want and what my mother may use. Done and done. Massive tick. Majority has been unopened, but what i am wondering is what on earth possessed me to buy the paint set for lips, cheeks and eyes? of course they're still in the box!

I also dropped into a vintage fashion store called 'La Bella Donna' at Morningside.
Anna, the owner, has some beautiful pieces. She takes some things on consignment and other pieces she sources, like this dress - a 1950's velvet gown. The shade of green is breathtaking.$350 - absolute steal. I can't express it's stunningness in this photo.
There were other's Anna had sourced from the same owner in Toowoomba including a burgundy floor length gown with a jewelled thin belt and jewelling around the neckline. It came out blurry on my phone. You can kind of see it in this shot, rediculously beautiful, it'd be sacrilege to cut it off, but good lord it would look superb. The one at the front divine too.

I wonder who owned them and what life they led? A very glamorous one indeed. This gorgeous little number jumped in my bag before i could say no. I pictured it with the bow at the front (traditionally back to front) but looks great either way.

Someone must go and buy this hat too - don't let the freaky model turn you off.

Anna reminded me of the annual vintage fair that's held at the Mt Gravatt Showgrounds. It's coming up on the 26/27 March, i feel it's my duty to share - always a treasure trove.

So that was actuallly a tick as i went there to talk to her about some gowns i have she may like to sell ... and there was also a reward because, well just because.

Next stop was Woolloongabba antiques to look at fabric. This ended up being a huge X on the list front but a big tick on the rewards front. It's all about compromise.

I snagged this teak 1970's room divider.

It's not a great shot and it has feet so is completely freestanding.

My heart raced like i was climbing Everest when we saw eachother. I messaged a friend saying 'i need someone to tell me to buy this' and got back 'do it'. I did what i was told. I then immediately exited the building.

I have nowhere to put it and definitely do not need it like the fabric i was actually there to buy, but it is most certainly an instant fave and lifelong friend.

My next tick was commencing the makeover on this setting.

These are the chairs so far. Tricky work with all the curves. Going to be a long road. Half tick.

You're probably thinking i'm low on ticks for what i termed a productive weekend? I also, cleaned the s*** room. I'm afraid it's the only term, and everyone has one - ours is the office. A perpetual mess always bombarded with the rejects of anything and everything - a thorn in my side. Huge tick. Plus, washed, ironed and took out the bins. That's four more ticks which equals a total of 6 and a half. I earned that room divider - look how hard i work!


  1. That room divider is just superb! I absolutely love it.

    You were so right to buy it ... there's some serious maths calculations going on in the background ... I hope that wasn't your better-half protesting as to its cost and effect on the domestic budget!

  2. Love, you and that room divider are a match made in heaven. I wouldn't be surprised if it was made the day you were born. Now all you need is a room to divide.

  3. I'm also a fan of the list and have one with no ticks on it which needs attention.
    I look forward to seeing the room dividers new possie. How glamorous those gowns are!
    We inherited the exact same cane chair/table setting you're painting with this reno. Sold it on eBay though.

  4. PS - That painting makeup could be fun - or scary!

  5. The room divider is brilliant. Definitely a good reward for tackling the s*** room! xx

  6. Well done on the list lovie. I love La Bella Donna and I am lucky it is so close to my house...get it close to my time you will have to pop in ha. Fiona is a sweetie.Do you ever go to Box Vintage in West End it is great too for clothes.

  7. I should pop in for a visit Katherine, i looked for you at Gabba Antiques Sat but you were nowhere to be found! Yes, have been to Box Vintage on many occasion. Always disappointed that he won't sell me the JH Lynch prints on the wall but have picked up quite a few cute frocks from there. There's also a little vintage store called 'It's Vintage Darling' at Highgate Hill. Rather quirky with some homewares thrown in.x