Monday, April 2, 2012

What $17.5million looks like

I still have a major crush on Palm Springs and trawl Real Estate a little too often. It's a bit of a trip when you do a search result on a real estate website and it gives you the option to go up to $25,000,000. Which of course I did so I could see what I will never, ever have.

$17,500,000 will buy you this:
 It has 7 different quites and houses plus multiple outdoor living areas, rock spas, hiking trails. It even has a rock house!
Here's the link - there's a load more pic's to see ... It''s on 73acres. I did think $17.5m would look different actually. I'm sure it's far more spectacular than the photos portray though. I love the use of greens with the stone

I think I lived in Palm Springs in a past life - I'm too besotted with it to not have.

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  1. I agree the green is spectacular and i am lovin the colour of the lounge in the first pic even though I am not a fan of the skirt around its bottom. xxx