Tuesday, April 17, 2012

'The Bob' - a brief history

I’ve been threatening, promising, vocalising, whatever you’d like to call it, to cut my hair into a bob for about 5 years.

It was going to happen when I was 30. It didn’t. And then this year, I did the canvas with my girlfriends on styles and it was decided that yes – it would happen this month. It hasn’t.

I find myself googling ‘the bob’  and ‘finger waves’ often (I loved Tilly Devine’s on last year’s Underbelly show).  My subconscious is still living in the 1920’s. Finger waves are so gorgeous don’t you think? Insert the lovely Coco Chanel.

And Tilly -  I doubt she's happy with this photo of herself. Hair looks great though.

I came across this website that talks about when ‘the bob’came into trend. So interesting – have a read and if you can’t be bothererd this is it in a nutshell:

Bob’s came into vogue in the 1920’s (Coco Chanel had a bit to do with it catching on)

Hairdressers of the time were only familiar with curling layers of long hair into elegant upstyles – cutting it off wasn’t their forte. So women had to visit barbers to get the chop. This annoyed the men no end forcing them to line up behind the women
Men divorced women over the bob! Honestly. What a stupid reason, particularly if your bob looked like this one.
In New York City 2000 heads per day were being ‘bobbed’ in the early 1920’s. 2000!
There was outrage in 1925 when the Shingle Bob was introduced (worn by the flapper gals, it’s a concave super short tapered cut shown in the bottom of this advert below) because parents claimed they couldn’t tell their offspring from boy to girl from the back.
Queen Mary was NOT a fan. So she requested that women conceal their cut with hair additions at court functions. A lot of women saved their cut locks in order to add them back on for particular social engagements.
Queen Mary looks like she has a bob in this picture i think...
Very interesting indeed. There’s a bob fan page I stumbled across would you believe? Oh, and the bob is the reason the bobby pin was invented. Ha-ha. There you have it. I often wondered that myself.

Admire some modern bobs of today if you're toying with this very idea yourself.
(p.s. katie's bob is the style 'we' (the girls) decided on for moi... )

A change is good as a holiday … or say they say.


  1. I've not had a bob since I was eleven. There is something tres chic about the bob. This was a fascinating post, and of course that's why it is called a bobby pin. Now do they call a fringe, bangs?!

  2. Well then, having researched it thoroughly, are you going to do the deed? They look absolutely stunning on some people, and on others not bad. And the good thing is, if you don't like it you can easily grow it out.

    Fabulous post - enjoyed the history lesson.

  3. Glamour Drops, Yes, i absolutely do intend on doing the deed ... the question is when? Maybe June. And that's what my other half says too - just grow it out if it's a shocker!!

  4. Take it from someone who knows - bob's are no good if you have any wave in your hair at all - the hair always invaribaly sticks out the wrong way on the ends.

  5. I was so interested in this post until I got to the photo of the women dancing on the edge of the building - then I was totally distracted.
    If I were you, I'd go the Rose Byrne, as per above.