Monday, May 9, 2011

new on the block

Yesterday's weather was beautiful to celebrate Mother's Day? It was a little upsetting though, waking up to find that today wasn't a public holiday again. Thankfully Lizzy's providing us with another in a few weeks. June the 13th to be precise.

The fam came down for morn-t yesterday which finished well into the late afternoon. Seems the cheeky 'glass' of champers my sis-in-law intended on having turned into a snippet more. I might add that cartwheels are only for kids. I've torn something attempting to keep up with my 6 year old nieces and prove that i've 'still got it'. It dawned on me that yoga really is a necessity when your over 30, i'm not as limber as i was in my early teens which is surprising.

Shop 16 has more titbits in it this week. My favourite is this trunk

It's tougher looking than the one i have in my living area pictured in 'my favourite thing', i thought about doing a swapsy but couldn't. The TMA imprinted on it is just fab! Be it coffee table, storage unit or kids toybox, they made em strong.

Couple of old wooden intrays. Some of them have 'typing' on the label. Awww, just to imagine them sitting next to a gorgeous old typewriter back in the day.

Old Packaging box and cute little wooden stool. I love raw wood to bring a bit of earthiness to a room.

Pottery from various parts of the world. The two little vases at the front have great designs on them and look lovely together. They'd look rather ravishing in one of those intrays with some plants hanging out of them and a couple of mag's i think.

And i knew i'd seen it somewhere. That bloody tray at the back would've been perfect yesterday to put my sis-in'laws bruschetta on!

This outdoor setting is the sweetest thing. I pictured it at home before taking it to the shop. I like to remember certain items. This being one of them.

The colours are purple and turqoise and white. The underside of the cushions are purple. The fabric on top looks totally original and is oudoor fabric.

It's aged, but superb for an outdoor area that will see some weathering. There's a bit of rust on the arms but structurally the steel is fabbo i suppose because it's been covered all these years by the cushioning. Very pretty setting for a lovely garden.

Olive green stool, with gold piping.

Pretty in pink

This is nearly finished. A cane wall hanging unit. I'm thinking it goes in a bathroom or kitchen cove. It has the bar down the bottom for a towel rail. I'm excited about it because it's navy blue. A good ole australiana teatowel would hang off that rail nicely.

I bought this mag on friday and some coloured boiled lollies. They matched when i pulled them out of the bag so took a picture. I'm a bit of a loser sometimes. Great UK mag. Check it out.

That's it i think. A few new items on the Shop 16 block. I'm dreaming about lying in bed today and reading a book with the french doors open so i can hear the full glory of this rain. But it's not to be. Stay safe on those roads - it's slippery out.

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  1. Ha! You'd better do some lunges prior to any future cartwheel action. "One minute nieces whilst I limber up". I let myself down recently in the hula hoop department; and the adage 'use it or lose it' clearly applies.
    Those floral outdoor chairs remind me of my Grandmother's house as a child. Agreed, raw wood and earthy is beautiful.