Wednesday, May 11, 2011

who would you have dinner with?

It's always one of those questions asked on talk shows 'who would you like to have dinner with dead or alive?'

Some people have an instant response (like you do when you've overthought winning $20m on lotto ...) and others really try hard to think of who they'd invite. Who's had scandle wrapped around them which was never uncovered or was ridiculously goood looking, or incredibly fascinating, stylish, crazy .. whatever.
I have a mixed bag, but i'm fairly certain that the dinner convo would be out of this world the best i've ever heard!

These are the peeps i'd have sitting around my table ....

MM ... i reckon it was the Kennedy's, some may disagree but i firmly stand by my opinion. Shame, she was naturally beautiful without the peroxide and lashes.
Gabrielle. There'll never be another like her. I wonder if she ever thought the Chanel brand would still be standing so strong 60 years later?
Jackie and Jack ... for SO many reasons, oh my .. what a couple, what a life!
Frank Baby ... who 'did it my way', and so he did apparently, as the stories go, he wasn't even slightly close in purity to that of his blue eyes - but the man can sing
What a pretty, pretty lady ... and complex and intriguing. And my top question for her at this moment is 'why did you say yes to that wedding dress'.
Anna, well she's just plain fab, and when she retires, sister girlfriend should take up poker - she'd nail it.
The Don - smart man and i really feel that i need to see that hair closer up. He'd be incredibly interesting to talk to.

I don't feel that i need to say too much about this one ... he can just sit, with his shirt off eat the meal and smile from time to time ... that's it.

There are an abundance more people who are interesting that i would like to invite too, but off the top of my head, to answer my own question, these are some of the personalities and lives i've read about over the years (except for the last one). There are questions dotted around them which would be fascinating to know the answer to, because it's always good taste to pry into people's deep dark secrets over dinner isn't it... real party starter.

If i asked me what i'd do if i won $20m, well ... whole different kettle of fish and much more short winded. I could deliver that right down to the last cent by bullet point, in less than a minute. In fact, a co worker and i were only talking about it last week. We're both completely organised for when it happens.

Being that having dinner with anyone dead or alive is really simple to organise you should probably put some thought into yourself...


  1. Mmm interesting choices :) I'd like to sit down and have a chat with MM too. But mostly I'd love to sit down to dinner with Stephen Fry, Al Pacino and Mother Teresa. :)

  2. Ooooh Al Pacino. Love him. Some good choices there. Maybe we could have a joint par-tay?

  3. fab list, I'd add Robert Redford, or maybe he and I could just sit in a dim lit corner and chat a while ...

  4. hahahah... and we've been lucky enough to see that fine bod in the flesh!! and of course if you were allowed animals.... Phar Lap!