Tuesday, May 10, 2011

posting broken - Help please ....

So i went to the shop yesterday after my previous post, and it looked like this

Which is great news because it means that most of what was on that post sold and i already miss the little floral setting. Mothers Day was rife at WAC so it seems.

Anyway, afterwards, a friend msg'd telling me of a typo (good old friends) so i tried to fix and it wasn't working. The circle 'thinking thing' in the middle of the post square just kept spinning. I then searched the problem when i got home last night, and they said to revert to old editor under settings ... which is terrible to use and what i'm using now. There's all spaces everywhere in the posting and i don't like it and it's hard to upload photos. Does anyone know how to fix this so that the old editor works again?

Sorry about a ridiculously boring and technical post but there doesn't seem to be anyone on blogger that you can just email and receive a direct answer ... or is there? I'd be mega appreciative if anyone knows anything to help with this lil issue. x


  1. I had the exact same issue yesterday when I did the sewing square post.

    I read that I needed to revert to 'old editor' and did so to write the post and drop-in photos.

    I've now gone back and selected 'new editor' but I haven't tried it with a new post, so not sure whether the problem will repeat.

    Sounds like it was a blogger problem. I'm not sure whether I can be of any more help ... you can email blogger people through the help, but you are at the mercy of techno geeks whether they answer you or not.

  2. I was going to do a post yesterday, but also got the swirling dots... swirling and swirling... so I just canned the idea. Sorry I'm no help, but thanks I may look at trying the new editor option.

  3. How interesting that it was happening to a number of other blogs. It definitely works when you change to the old version, but it's really tedious. Like the photos don't drop in where they are supposed to, you can't copy and paste them you can only drag them - you can't resize once they're in there etc etc. There's big space gaps.

    Well here's to hoping that it sorts itself out ... thanks so much for the response ladies.

  4. I am hopeless with all this stuff, sorry I can't help lovie but I do hope it returns to normal soon. I was at the WAC yesterday must have just missed you xx Katherine