Monday, May 23, 2011

let there be light

Funny how you go through stages, and with the minimal space at the shop this week it seems the focus is lamps and shades. High time my plastic shades made an entrance anyway! I'm a big fan of Art Deco lighting but do like the crisp and clean lines of good ole moulded plastic.
These two above are rather large and i do like them hanging together. Great pop of colour in a big stairwell, or the yellow would be faaab in a black and white inspired room. I love yellow with anything.
The duck egg blue is so very pretty and the plastic of these two is so thick and shiny that it looks like glass. The blue'd be nice alone or grouped with some brushed back aluminium pendants in a kitchen. Oh, and i also have this single bedhead below that i came across Saturday which i'll deliver to WAC today. The blue's are a close match and that's a soft yellow with it. The colours on this make it look so antiquey which is sweet for a childs room. I'd need to throw in a black and white stripe rug or something to man it up though i think.
I finally finished the cane wall hanging cabinet and as per usual thought about keeping it.  The blue and white canisters from Holland are also for sale. I have my tablecloth on it here but i think a powder room or extra toilet would be perfect for this lil guy - throw a few toilet rolls inside and you're done.
This is a bunch of lamp bases that you can't see very well. The two big one's don't have shades. I was just trying them out with mine...
Has anyone ever been to Greenbank? Cripes, she's a along way out josie! I collected a cane table i purchased off ebay on Saturday and planned to 'swing by' on my way back from the coast. Uh-hem. I would have made it quicker to africa on a tricycle! i was always bad at geography. It is pretty out there though and  so is the table if i do say so myself. Big round one. Like a peacock chair but a table... i'll take a pic.


  1. Looking good, love the shades. I think it's a great idea to optimise the space and go upwards by hanging things, will swing by and check it all out. xx Katherine

  2. Love that cane bedhead. I once bought something on ebay from Logan Village thinking it was near the hyperdome. Just another 20 minutes out in the sticks of farm Logan later.... with a cranky 1 yo in the back. Now I am much more selective as I can only handle about 15 minutes of whinging before I want to drive into oncoming traffic! melx

  3. I need that big yellow lamp shade!!! I just broke my parents 40 year old one that came with the house!!! help!!! buddharocket @

    Thank you