Thursday, May 5, 2011

E S Traders

I took a little trip out to Ipswich on Saturday. It was a glorious day and as I cruised along the highway marvelling at a picture perfect blue sky, I recalled a post by BrisMod at Fun and VJ's raving about a new space which had opened up in Ipswich town. I was desperate to see it... and did. Faabulous!

Something even more fab about the space was Kerrie, one half of the creative force behind ES traders. The more we chatted, the more evident it became that this woman is not only  incredibly interesting and easy to talk to, but she is completely captivated with  every piece that surrounds her. I walked away feeling exactly the same way.  

It's no secret that history is something which intrigues me, so having the opporunity to admire pieces steeped in hundreds of years of history and learning the story behind them is rivetting to say the least. Some of these pieces have seen and heard things that we will only ever imagine. They're beaten and bruised but absolutely mind blowingly beautiful. My phone was being disobedient so the pic's of many items are too blurry.

With a background in interior design, Kerrie's styling is gorgeous. Asian history is blended with immaculately crafted french reproductions. But not reproductions in the mass produced sense of the word. These are hand crafted to perfection.

The table pictured above is also handcrafted locally, it's enormous and the timber is simply stunning. ES Traders will be offering the service of making these by request. It won't be something that will happen over night and you will need to be patient to get your hands on one because the man who makes them will only do so when he comes across the right wood that will provide the best finish. Nice to know that you're paying for something unique and of the highest quality - the colour of the wood was magnificent.

So, you'd think i had shares in the place right? I know, that was a bit of a plug, but i just love coming across something that excites and intrigues me. To think that something has seen 200 years worth of living and still stands proud seeking a new chapter in it's life is so unbelievable. All the way from Tibet or some little province tucked in a hillside half way across the world. And you see reproductions of Asian aniquities - but let me tell you - they have absolutely nothing on the real deal and Kerrie knows every item's story, no matter how long or short it may be.

So what would you call this place? I think a gallery. In a gallery you purchase a piece that speaks to you or connects with you. You admire it for the beauty that it is and wouldn't consider interfering with that. It's not about just buying something and having it. Take a drive out there and have a chat with Kerrie. You'll know what i mean if you dont already.

ES Traders
17C Ellenborough St, Ipswich.

P.S. That stunning piece of art in the first pic is by a local Brisbane Artist jo d'hage.

Oh and just quickly. The Royal Wedding. Many posts ago i talked about all these old newspapers and Womans Day we came across from the 1940's - 1960's under the flooring of a cottage we reno'd. This is one which i kept. The Queen's Royal Wedding Spread.
This was in the newspaper on the 27th November 1947. Women all over the world were 'in raptures' again 64 years later on Friday night. Move over Beiber the royals are on stage! what-is-with this beiber fever ... i don't get it ... i mean i may only be almost 20 a few years older than him but i still don't get it.
I'll pop up some pic's of Shop 16 over the coming days. I had something of an incident with a potential fishbowl and some macrame at my home on Monday. Cuts to prove it on my fingers and leg. I'm a bull-at-a-gate and couldn't wait for an extra set of hands!  Hopefully i'll have the desired outcome to show sometime soon.


  1. I'm glad you made the trek there. It is amazing, isn't it?

    I don't often wax lyrical about a place but it's rare when you come across a person like Kerrie who is the real deal and has such knowledge and love for the things she sells. xx

  2. Hey Lovely...agreed with every word. Such a great place and isn't the coffee shop fab just infront. Hope I bump into you soon, cheers Katherine xx PS Saw a lady buying a bentwood chair of yours yesterday...I could tell she loved it, it was such a great warm wood colour!

  3. I want to go there now! I like it all!