Tuesday, May 24, 2011

turquoise and new buys

As mentioned in my last post i was down the coast on the weekend, and whilst there i popped into the Antique Centre at Miami for a squizz.

I never, ever walk out of there empty handed (or any antique centre for that matter).
Driving home I inspected the front and back seats and it seems i've been  subconsciously coveting turquoise of late.

This shade from a shop at Southport, complete with a bit of mildew on the bottom (cross fingers it will come off!), sat in the back seat
and then from the antique centre I purchased this bag (it's a little more greeny turquoise)
plus these bangles and earrings, which travelled up front
I particularly like the turquoise earrings, they go superbly with this clutch too  
Earlier in the year I also purchased a turquoise hat from La Bella Donna - out of control! I've always wanted to use a hint of it in the house but it's never happened... i've got a bit of glass and an enormous turquoise and black rug. I think downstairs with the white floors i may introduce it... just a touch like these below

From the antique centre I also bought these which I am 371% pumped about.
Fibreglass 1960’s pedestal planters. They're big mammas. 

When I collected the cane table from Africa’s south west (prev post), the lady  was trying her hardest to not only purchase the planters off me, but the leopard print kaftan i was wearing as well … it was agreed that i'd keep my kaftan and notify her if i ever change my mind on the planters. Which i totally will (let her know if i change my mind that is) - she was bloody persistent but very lovely.

They need a 2-pac but’ll survive until I’ve recovered from my recent unnecessary spending.

‘A’ bought me this vintage cape last week. We saw it in the window of a local op shop last Sunday night en route to our fave Indian - my eyes miss very little. 

He snaffled it first thing on the Monday morning. Bless. It’s a bit big but with an impending trip to Vic and then NY in November, it’ll get a workout with plenty of layering room underneath.

Here's some extra shots of Gold Coast Antiques. These drawers were very close to the back of the car but i stopped myself. See - i can abstain.
This bar was in mint condition.
Coloured glass and West German Pottery. The owner's dog was lounging next to this space. His little eyes were becoming dizzy watching me come and go. Funny how dog's don't move their heads just their eyes like that. He had a 'humans are funny creatures" look on his face.  It takes a few rounds for me to let things sink in at Antique Centres and now with the space at WAC, it's good to compare pricing.
Une suite de souper peut-être ?
That's 'a dining suite perhaps'. I don't speak french - i just felt like googling a translation. There's a good mix down on the coast, but with all of this in mind, let's not forget that the fantabulous Woolloongabba Antique Centre has all of this and more ... except for the planters that is.

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  1. Liz you make me laugh you know. Wow what a fantastic shop that one is.
    Nice new coat. I like blue too. Or should I say turquoise. No I'll just say blue; the whole spectrum. A trip to NY?! I look forward to your subway tile posts in further detail.