Sunday, May 15, 2011

a room divider is now home

I did say on my 'Divide and Screen' post that i would drop the whole room divider thing for a while ... which true to my word i have ... until now.

The room divider i purchased from WAC has a home and is a total god send to me for two reasons. Firstly, it's sorted out my open plan dilemma of my dining and sunroom being too open, and secondly it's allowed me to pull these lounge chairs out of the shed. The indigo blue tone is a nice change to black which i admittedly overuse.
Those blinds were seriously cheap from Ikea a few years ago now. Sadly, they no longer produce them. I mean cheap-cheap, like $25 for a the big ones and $15 or something for the small. They also came in red and natural and white.

This is the screen from another angle. I've had it in here for a couple of months now i think. It's my second favourite thing after the lounge. My third fave is the gramophone pictured further down. This fishtank below is the remainder of my failed hanging tank with macrame idea that i'm still pondering. The flowers in it are still going strong from Mother's Day. Pretty things ... whatever they are.
The man who sold me the gramophone looked me in the eye and said to me that it worked well, i just needed a stylus. The man was being dishonest. AM radio only, luckilly I listen to 882 4BH all the time and love it (much to the surprise of many) but the record player is sickly. A man told me he'd fix it for $1500 a year ago. I politely declined.
My friend's husband is right into Gramophones and old radios and knows 'someone'. He's gonna hook me up.

A friend said to me the other day 'does that hippo freak you out at night'... when i look at his fangs now - on this angle, i feel like he should. But he doesn't. He's got a fat belly which is cute and takes the attention away from his mouth. He's a hippo, a comment like that is a compliment!

I have a cold along with 60% of Brisbane due to this dramatic change in climate. It's that time of year that i need to get into the top cupboards and pull out the wool and fluff to keep us warm for a few months. If there's one thing that really bugs me about Colonials and Qld'er homes it's the lack of storage. What i need is a walk in robe like Carrie's in Sex and the City II. Imagine having that? All i can do is just that ... imagine.

Wishing you all a flu-free and toasty warm week. 


  1. I am completely besotted by that screen. Better never invite me over because I'll just lean against it and whisper sweet things to it and won't leave its side. Ever. And if I had to leave, I'm riding that hippo.

    Actually, if you ever see another screen like it. Phone me. Straight away.

    Your house is magazine worthy.

  2. Hahahaha!You crack me up MMMC. Will definitely let you know if i stumble across another. I was thinking of you as i uploaded the pictures - knew you'd be excited to see where it ended up. Ha, i'm still laughing... you funny thing.

  3. Totally screen- a- licious!! Looks fab and I LOVE hippo. I adore the sound of Gramaphones,something about that crackle gets you right in the heart.. every time I sell one I say next one I am keeping but I never day, xxx Katherine