Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lamp transformation

Ever since i hung the vintage map and then stumbled across the old bedhead, i've been determined to change my bedside lampshades. There's only so much 'mis-match' i can handle in one room. I wanted something even - identicle, matchy.

So i decided to recover my lampshades. I enlisted the help of u-tube. This is the shades on my work bench.

They say to draw the shape of the shade onto paper and then cut out the fabric from the paper pattern allowing a cm top and bottom. I chose to just cut out enough width that looked like it would fit and that was that.

I then sprayed adhesive glue like it was going out of fashion on the shade and also on the fabric. I also added some double sided tape around the top outer shade and bottom. I did this because the fabric is hessian and i intended to cut the top and bottom raw rather than try to fold under and glue (i didn't want to risk fraying). I then left the glue to get tacky for a couple of mins and rolled the shade onto the fabric, smoothed it all off and then cut the excess top and bottom.
This is the finished result.
This one above has a slight fold in the fabric that i didn't iron out well enough prior to sticking, you can see it in this pic toward the top ... i'll pop it on 'A's side. He doesn't care about aesthetics unless it has an engine or resides in a shed.

A close up of the raw edge... looks ok for me 
And this is the duo tying everything together. The map has great muted blues, pinks, yellows and greens so the brighter colours in the shades and cushions give it a bit more life.
Fabric was $8 and the spray $13. For something i'll possibly change again in 6months time (or redo the creased one), it's a total bargain!


  1. Gorgeous! I love how good they look with their miss matched bases....funky! Xx

  2. Katherine nailed it with her comment, as even though you wanted something matchy, it's actually not quite. Excellent price, excellent makeover!! x

  3. Thank goodness for youtube,lovely.