Monday, September 12, 2011

Chair Revitalise # 2

I've had these chairs for a while and had planned on selling them at WAC once i'd done them up but never found the time. My sis-in-law's mum took a liking to them on Mothers Day. I know ... all those months ago, and i promised i'd 'get onto it' ...

This is 'then' (with the bottoms taken out), oh and a table too, not a traditional match but a match all the same ...
I wanted to preserve the timber arms and legs, it's a gorgeous tone, the cane had discolouration so I pondered painting black or white - opted for white. This is them bandaged up ready to be sprayed.
With white in mind, I tracked down a neutral linen for the cushioning and an off-white piping.  They've been stacked (and a little squashed) in the office for months ... waiting
This is the finished product.

I'm really quite smitten wtih them. The timber has come up beautifully, and their shape from every angle is gorgeous.
They look fab and are completely comfy without the back cushion too.

I just need to do a few rounds of fabric protector and this little project is finite. Let's hope they still have a home to go to.


  1. I love them! Great job sister...

  2. You've done a beautiful job. The mix of wood, white and linen is lovely. I'd be smitten too.

  3. They have a rela plantation feel, makes me think of iced tea and linen slacks. Well done. Sorry I missed you too, I got side tracked as usual. Hope you had a nice morning. xx Katherine

  4. Love them and the fact that you kept the wood, gorgeous!