Monday, September 5, 2011

Finally, a garden!

This was the beginnings of our new garden last Sunday morning (so a week ago). Nothing fancy smancy.   We're starting small, my back couldn't deal with any more shovelling, and what's with bullants always locating that exact bit of skin on the inside of your foot to penetrate their fangs into?
It's a mixed bunch. I was initially geared to floral cottage gardeny type but that changed - the maintenance freaked me out. Anyway, i'm terrible with plant names and what goes with what so who knows what this'll look like in 3-months. So far we have gardenia's, star jasmin, these ... I think they duplicate themselves? Or I could have made that up - not sure.

I’d seen a big bottlebrush at a local nursery last Saturday. When i went to collect it Thursday I was informed that it's not a bottlebrush but a ‘Christmas’ plant from New Zealand. (Between us, it's apparently much prettier than the Australian Bottlebrush - it doesn't get scraggily and you don't have to cut  it back after it flowers, for the record my allegiance is still with the Wallabies regardless ...)

Bunnings has these at the moment too. I grabbed one of the one's on the left. They flower all year round.
I might add in some Kangaroo Paws if i can find the space. Loving the natives at mo. Here's the end result. A little sparce looking, but it's actually packed, they're all little though except for the christmas tree.
Meanwhile, ‘A’ has wanted to repot his citrus trees for quite some time and built these on Wednesday for the side of the house. Hopefully now they’ll blossom and start paying their way. My alcohol free August has been heavily dependant on Limes and Lemons. With the trees not producing, i've slipped up a few times.
He also added some plants into my fiberglass planters.
The back garden in is disrepair. Palm's have been chopped down and it's now a bit of a ferrol junk yard. The plan for it is currently  'in discussion', which is a problem. Two different visions.
'A' wants the umbrella gone, i'm clinging to it like a liferaft. Admittedly i never sit down there (even when it was more attractive) but i might. It needs a repaint, i'm thinking lime green/white or a light grey/white. Or fuschia, orange ...

I have some before and afters on the go. Chairs. Nothing too fabulous but will share once finite.


  1. Keep that umbrella! And those planters!! Brilliant.

    Bully ants. That's all they are ... bully ants.

  2. I agree - the umbrella must stay. Your backyard feels like I'm being transported to another time, and all is happy and life is simple.
    Those planters are fabulous. The bromeliads do have babies - pups they are called. I can't say that comfortably though.
    Great gardening efforts - looking good - look forward to the 6 & 12mth garden bed follow up.

  3. I agree repaint the umbrella...what about a two pack paint finish like your Casala chairs in something chic and glossy to compliment the house colours, it needs a bigger table and chairs...maybe some Sebel ones (he he just kidding) Xx PS Haven't seen your lovely self for ages we will have to catch up...oh and I LOVE those tubs !!!

  4. Ha! Katherine, it's crossed my mind although it didn't have a hole in the middle of it.
    It has been ages, will hopefully bump into you soon for that cuppa!!!x

  5. Hi E.A.P. I was wondering if you might let me use one of the images in the post (specifically the one second to last) in a book that I am writing. If you would email me at rochellegreayer at gmail dot com I can share more information. I look forward to chatting.