Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hello, I'm Johnny Cash

Two Thursday's ago I opened the paper to seek out a movie. Nothing on. Well, nothing that interested us. I had heard on the radio that a Johnny Cash show was playing at the Twelfth Night Theatre. We both love Johnny so off we went.

It was excellent! I mean, standing ovation excellent. The crowd were fab, which always helps, but Tex Perkins (Who was lead singer of the Cruel Sea ) has the most amazing voice and the girl who played June Carter was brilliant too.

It's not a play, they sing the songs whilst telling the life story. Did you know that Johnny Cash only lived for 14 more weeks once June had passed on? She was his life. He was also extremely obsessed with trains and had something like 22 songs about them.
'i hear the train a comin, it's rollin round the bend and i ain't seen the sunshine since i don't know when, i'm stuck in folsom prison and time keeps draggin on ... but that train keeps a rollin, on down to San Antone...'

That's my fave song of the 'man in black'. The point is - if you like his music - go and see it. You will not regret. You've only got a few days ... bit of a delayed post really now when i think about it.
Or there's Doris Day. I saw it a couple of months ago at the Twelfth Night Theatre too, similar deal. Melinda Schneider plays Doris and tells the life story. She's back on too, and although i knew nothing about Doris or her music (except for Key Sera Sera), it was  really enjoyable. Live theatre and music is so good for the soul!

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