Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Bookcase - Part 2

Do you recall the antique bookcase from a few posts ago? Orginal post here.

The bookcase is nestled into it's new home now. 'A' and our pal R almost broke their backs - they are SO heavy.
Beware - the photos are not good, so you'll need to use your imagination. They're wall to wall across two walls and have been a saviour to house glass, pottery, books, mags and other bits n pieces i accumulate but can't seem to let go of.
Above's with a couple of roller doors open and below is with one closed. With a bit of orange oil, the cedar has really come up well
The other angle was useless to take with my camera, it just looked like a door and that's it, but it wraps around the other wall to the left. These filing drawers are crammed in there too for filing. I have nowhere else to  put jewellery and stuff. I turn a blind eye to this vision.

All of the prints and artworks that were floor to ceiling on the walls have had to come down with nowhere to go. What to do with them i wonder? I feel cleansed and then i buy something and feel suffocated again. 
How about these Readers Digest books i snagged a few weeks ago?I pulled them off the back seat of the car this morning. They were all published in 1966, and have such beautiful covers.
This is my fave cover
They're the perfect size for this old bookcase and i've flipped through a few and there's some good old fashioned wholesome reading to be had here. I'm going to get started on them over the coming months. Suits me that they're short stories, great for a Sunday afternoon lounge about and being that we have just entered the best season of the year, a blanket on the grass is calling me.

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  1. This is a gorgeous office. I'm considering stealing that chair behind the desk and the old globes. The bookcases look sensational too. Amber