Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chair Revitalise #1

When i found these, they'd recently been recovered and painted a horrible colour.

What i think the owner had done, was paint them a pink, and then wanted them to look like cane again and then chose this browny cane colour. This was a little misleading because when i saw them advertised (the picture had been smaller and not very clear at all), i thought they were cane.
Na-ha. Negative ghostrider. A terrible imitation. This was then:

 And this was the fabric. It's an ivory cream base colour with white & floral highlights throughout.
The fabric i liked and was near new so in great condition, it just needed to be crisped up. For a start they were washed. I thought about a yellow for the chairs (there is a yellow in the fabric) and then decided that was too floral so opted for ... you got it. White.
Much better. Clean and fresh. Paint can really make or break and whilst white is a safe option, sometimes it's the only colour that can salvage something. I need to put the buttons back on that back cushion - looks loads better when it's pulled in in the centre.
A little more work do be done on another pair of chairs this weekend - it's great to finally tick some chores off the list!


  1. You are the Chair revitalising Queen. I think the white looks great. I must say my fav is the picture without the back cushion so you can see the nice details of the cane but I guess for comfort they need that back cushion. xx Katherine

  2. oh my goodness!!! they are divine. if you ever decide to sell these, let me know. i'm in love!