Monday, October 3, 2011

So pretty .. for $1

Aren't these just so pretty?

$1 each from a local op shop. I'm looking forward to framing them. You can see the plastic they're still in is discoloured and a little ferol, but underneath,  the pics are in super fine form.

I've reached around 9 paintings/prints kicking around the house wedged between cabinets and walls which require 'space'. I have no wall space left. I mean, i do, but i'm living in comfortable clutter at the moment - the white walls that are available need to stay that way or the tide will change very quickly.

These are flowering in my garden at the moment. So vibrant. They soothed the fact it's Monday again. I have some gorgeous lillies just beginning to flower too - a lovely gift from friends who came to dinner Saturday night.

On that topic. 'A's "latest" is a spit roaster. We went to a dinner party last Saturday night and F's husband cooked up some cracking meat on this little roaster. A was besotted. Absolutely enamoured with it. He's been wanting one for years and seeing this little sized one sealed-the-deal.  So, of course, one appeared at home and spit roasted lamb was on the menu Sat night. This is one purchase i highly recommend. The meat was diiiivine! Buy one for him for christmas. It spins on batteries and you just put those coal things in to heat it up.


  1. Very pretty,lovely bright colours, spit roast sounds interesting.

  2. You'll have to take a piccy of the spit roaster. Sound like you get a delicious result.
    And I love your West German pottery vase with those fab flowers. Funky combination. xx