Monday, October 10, 2011

Welcome home!

Isn't that a fab photo? I'd love to have a pet cow standing in my doorway. They have such lovely eyes. My favourite cows are Aberdeen Angus. They're all black with fluffy ears.

Entryway's are important - for two reasons i think. You want the practicality of somewhere to dump the handbag and store such things as umbrellas, coats, a torch/lantern (very important coming into storm season, get onto that), but you also want something inviting ...
 and somewhere for the dog to lay in the winter sun and protect your handbag.
Our house at mo doesn't exactly have an entryway other than the front deck that i'm playing around with but one day i'm sure i'll have one and hopefully i'll have a cow and a dog too. I'm not sure if you noticed but there are reindeer in the little piccy above. Woooo christmas ... actually, christmas is a problem for me this year. Since the room divider came to town it's encroached on the christmas trees normal habitat. Just not sure how to go about that. I love christmas trees and love mine, but truth be told, i always feel a little relieved to pull it down again. It just messes with the order of the house, you know?

I'm a little infatuated with the front door you can see a hint of in the above shot. Beautifully distressed isn't it?

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