Friday, December 9, 2011

a few snaps from the trip

I've been incredibly slack. Mainly because i've been on a  lil trip to LA, Palm Springs, LV and NY. I've been back for two weeks, but with the shock realisation that Christmas (gasp!) is 3 weekends away, i've been a busy bee.

Last night i accidentally deleted all of my LA photos including one of a very cool original oven/stove in our room at the Chateau Marmont plus the bungalow Marilyn Monroe stayed in at the Beverly Hills Hotel. I do still have the photo of her house, or, ahem ... front gate. Same thing - in Brentwood. Safe to say that i like Miss Monroe.
Hmmn, maybe i seem a little 'crazy fan' that I know her address ... it was only because it sold last year, and i happened to make a note, and our valet at the BHH happened to tell us her Bungalow number... she stayed there for a few months when making a movie.

Her house above is in a lovely little suburban cul-de-sac well away from the grandeur of Beverly Hills and their incredibly large blocks. Star's houses don't appeal to me, just hers - it's cloaked in mystery .... 

Palm Springs was so ... fab! These are my shots of the Kaufmann House, i'll do a separate post on other properties i snapped within the same estate. I could've spent days and days cruising the streets. The mountains make a brilliant back drop for what are, fabulous mid century desert homes... and so many of them. Heaven.

This was the view on the 'back road' drive to Vegas. You can't see the rattle snakes and scorpians ... but they were there creeping around - and if we'd had a tyre blow out - our lack of mobile phone and the fact that it was pitch black with no one on the roads would've meant ... i hate to think! Silly, silly 'Ossie' girls. It was a stunning view at dusk that this picture doesn't portray. A tad eerie too. The dirt looked like water.
On the last night in NY i went to see if  Bergdorf Goodman had finalised their display, see last years post here. This was one window of the gloriousness for 2011. I'll do a separate post on the others. I took loads of photos and they are truly worth having a look at.

And this is Tiffany's. (NY current version of Holly Go Lightly there ... )
And Fendi

Giant sized baubels
Central Park in Autumn. Gorgeous colours.

This photo below i zoomed in on in central park would you believe? I like it alot.
And a couple of other random shots i took.

The Dakota building where John Lennon was shot. I love the old gold phone booth still restored to original condition. Yoko still lives there. It was the anniversary of the shooting yesterday i heard on the radio.

Inside the Empire State Building. The gold framed glass you can see is actually the original mail drops which you'd throw your letter in, like a laundry shoot, and it would go down to the mailroom. Reminds me of the original movie 'How to succeed in Business without really trying'. They did it so well back then.

I took photos of doors, obsessively. I like them. This was one on 5th Avenue.

I just liked the street light. Why? Not sure. just did.

Good colour.

Cool planter idea

On the last afternoon/night i chose to do my own thing which i found in NY to be easy and great fun.
I saw a Broadway Show at 3:00pm called 'Other Desert Cities', went to an old Jazz bar called Birdland at 8:00pm for dinner and live music (Latino and African American Jazz Band) and finished the night off with a couple of whisky sours at the bar in Robert DeNiro's Greenwich Hotel. I had a good yarn with the barman Carey from New Orleans and for the first time saw the city. New York is a pretty cool place. All in all - it was a great holiday. My brain is already putting together a revisit. Shame it's such a long bloody flight!


  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous time...I want the giant size baubles...

  2. The yellow street lights are so Sesame Street, and somehow happy.
    Would be great to see behind MM's gates.