Friday, December 16, 2011

Palm Springs

Palm Springs is about 2hours out of LA, or maybe a snippet more. We drove there on the way through to Vegas so it was a short visit.
I did manage to see the Kaufmann House, as mentioned in a previous post, and also drove by this house.

This is the house that Elvis and Priscilla went for their honeymoon. I like Elvis. He was a cool cat.

A couple of interior shots ...

I'd planned to write more about the house, but stumbled across this blog that covers off everything and also where i found the above piccies. Please read it. This house is utterly amazing i so desperately need to stay there.

The following houses were within the same vicinity that the Kaufmann House is in. I snapped them whilst driving and hanging my arm out the window, so they're not great, and not the best Palm Springs has to offer but they're little gem’s all the same.

 The onyl house i saw with grass

Edris House above built 1953/4. Alot of the houses up near the Edris house (they're higher) have hardcore signage about private property and stay out etc etc. Serious security system action.
I really liked this gate above and  the use of besser bricks for the fencing below.
So above they've used the bricking width ways and then on the house walls below, long ways. I love how that looks. It's like tiling but not.
On the way out, the clouds were coming in. The mountains looked spectacular.
Cool old car below. In fact, cool vintage cars everywhere over there

 This is the town centre, we went to the diner that you can see with the red awnings over it

This was inside. It was like we were in the scene in Greese where Sandy says ' I need some money' to put a song on the juke box.
Reflecting on my pic's it doesn't make the properties look that good. But they are. All in rows with a glorious mountain backdrop, palm trees that've been in the ground for decades, great angles, glass, brickwork, timber detailing. I wanted desperately to get up to some properties nestled into the hills but they're gated communities i think.
The way out. Can't wait to go back.


  1. Thanks for sharing...Palm Springs looks like lots of fun!

  2. OMG! I would love to go here. Everything really is just like out of a movie. All groovy. Palm Springs epitomises cool. How tragic it is to see all the mass produced little boxes they put up in 'new' housing estates these days.
    Did you have a shake and burger at the diner?

  3. Oh I see!! Amazing houses! I'd love to go there! You lucking thing. I think you look a bit like a young Priscilla!