Tuesday, December 13, 2011

$5 rugs and other things

I popped to Ikea last week for some frames. On my way to the frames (they're so crafty with the layout of that store) i saw these rugs for $5. In an effort to make the christmas tree look a little more festive, i decided to buy a bunch and lay them together. What do you think? Kinda cute for $25.
Good shades of yellow, blue, navy and red. The beige/greeny one on top ties in the honan matting i have in the adjoining room. They had a cute Navy and Pink one as well, i think that was the only colour i walked away without. I love that i can throw them in the wash and use them in the bathroom, front and rear doors, foot of the bed. Versatility is good.
Great shell. Purchased recently from the one and only 'The Old Boathouse' at Cottage Garden Nursery. There's still a few left of varying sizes and very fairly priced (i may have taken the last one of this size...) Thank you Catherine and Kristen - you continue to furnish my house with beautiful pieces. These'd make a cute chrissie gift filled with chocolates or lollies too and the big one's are fab as door stops.
Pretty clutch snapped up from 'Lilly G' at Camp Hill. It too has shells on it...
I had this pic on my phone - thought i'd throw it up seeing this post has turned out to be a show and tell. It's an old pocket watch style electric clock i carried all the way back from Palm Springs. Just need to rustle up a good worn gold or black chain and then find a wall. I saw it and had to have it regardless of baggage allowance.
I love the feeling of christmas. Bing Crosby, twinkly lights, crowded Dan Murphy's and Woolworths stores. This is my little chrissie centrepiece on the dining room table - nothing fancy smancy. I bought these hanging paper things a few months ago from a place called 'Trads' at Cannon Hill shopping centre ($1 ea) - the dodgy end. Very lovely shade of red. They do the trick and i think they still have some left in green and white.
Christmas in 12 days - how did that happen? I need a new eye cream.


  1. The clutch is very tropical, I love it. Amber

  2. Wow that electric clock! Clever work with the rugs. This post makes me miss my old shiny wooden floors. And Ikea.