Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New 'kids' on the block

Have a look at this darling heart of a face ....
He's our new addition to the family. This is him howling throught the verandah palings when I was leaving yesterday morning, he sounded like a little baby wolf

nestled on items of furniture he shouldn't be on...

It's quite rediculous how cute he is. We've been keeping him up as late as we are at night to help him sleep through ... which .. works! He wakes up with the birds at about 4:30am and then chills out for a few hours more. A friend recommended a hot water bottle. Gold I tell you. Absolute gold.

Which brings to me to the second new kid on the block. At 8:30pm last night my recent purchase was delivered. A Baptists Bar Sideboard, this is it in all of it's terribly photographed glory shoved under a window in the dining room

The bar is hidden away and swivels
The seller told me that the sideboards were initially made in London for Baptist Priests (who are not allowed to drink...) to hide their booze. Clever isn't it. I love a good cocktail cabinet so this appealed to me. I've only found one more online which sold in the US.
The handles are great. I like them alot. I've wanted a bit of gold detail to work with the honan matting. This sideboard has good potential to look gaudy, but with the matting I think it'll come out looking rather lovely. 
Christmas in just a few days. I still have shopping to do, just a bit. I like the midnight shop, it always has a good rushed christmas vibe.
 Have a great week!!!!


  1. He is beautiful and that sideboard is divine. I've never seen anything like it, I imagine something like it in India Hicks' house amongst all the palm frongs, which i see you use alot of too. Wish i had that puppy.