Monday, November 7, 2011

Yellow & Roses

I bought this cane lounge off a woman i work with... 4 months ago. A friend took a massive liking to it, so it's been with her until just recently. It was one of those scenarios where you don't have space for something - hand it over to someone else who loves it and then regret it ... and regret it .... and regret a bit more.

As luck would have it ... my pal has bought a new house and had nowhere for it. Funny how things work out. My arms were outstretched and this time, I have space. So this is it thrown on the front balcony. It needs new fabric, but for the minute, i've already enjoyed many a late arv lounging on it and listening to the birds. Very yellow. I'm thinking a geometric print in a dusty blue or navy blue, or grey with white piping. Thoughts?
Meanwhile, someone told me that there was no way I would be able to grow a rose. Something tells me that these are in fact - roses.
There's 4 of them, and they all flowered late last week, i think. They smell gorgeous. You can see one of those is on it's last days - v pretty though.


  1. Love the yellow setting. I see blue and white chevron with that set for some reason. xx

  2. It is so you!! Love the story too...that is so you also ha ha. Well done you on the Roses!!I feel proud on your behalf. I see either pineapple fabric or agree with brismod the blue and white would look great!! Have a good week, xx Katherine

  3. I really like the idea of grey but something geometric like you suggested. What a great setting and look forward to the makeover shots. melx

  4. I can see why you wanted it back and I love the yellow. I can also see the blue and white like your lampshade revamp, or grey with white... I look forward to seeing what you come up with and I'm sure whatever you chose will looks amazing :)
    Your roses are beautiful, well done :)

  5. oh wow that yellow is so fantastic! Good that you got it back!! look forward to seeing the finished product! just started following! lovT

  6. Love this tale. I sold two cane mini-peacock-esque chairs this year, and now wish I didn't! ha!