Friday, July 1, 2011

somewhere over the rainbow

A friend is putting together a birthday celebration for her son and sent me the link to this utterly faaabulous cake!

Look at the colours ....

It's called the 'Sunny Day Rainbow Cake' and the step by step guide can be found here at Omnomicon ...
It seems it's all in the food colouring. No ordinary supermarket bizzo here. You need the real deal.


  1. Wow it would be cute for cupcakes too xx

  2. We had tried making a cake having different colors. And to be able to make one like this, you really have to be patient.

  3. I would love one for myself. I've never tried one of these, but I can make an excellent rainbow jelly. The kids go crazy for them, and they look brilliant in clear glass/plastic cups.

  4. What is going on in your stall at the WAC? Have you moved spaces ? I went looking yesterday but couldn't find you, cheers Katherine

  5. the cake is very unique. i don't want to eat it..