Friday, June 17, 2011

window shutters

With the colder weather. I’ve come to realize that window shutters are the best window option to keep a home warm. I'm sure this isn't news to anyone but me...

We have shutters in the lounge and whispy floaty curtains with white venetians everywhere else that welcomes, in fact, pays the tingling cold air to creep into the house. Even the fish I bought 4 days ago is fading in colour from frost bite and refusing to eat anything … not even ants which google said siamese fighters 'go crazy for'
Jeff has been pampered like nobody's business with warm water replacements daily and relocated to cosier areas of the house every 30 minutes or so. In light of Jeff's discomfort, i've made note of how cold our house can become in the short winter months we have here in Brissie.

So ... i've been admiring shutters in all  shapes and forms. Whilst they’re a bastard to keep clean, they sure can look magnifique! … inside
and out

this is a handy little idea
which I have just ripped off in my head (the top pic). I had these two shutter doors listed for sale on ebay. Doesn’t take much for me to decide to keep something I don’t need … this is them
I need to clean them but they'll be good for all the bits i come across that i either lose or take up much needed drawer space in our jam packed study, receipts - i have so many receipts! ...or they'll end up on ebay again. We'll see.


  1. Hey Liz, how are you my dear feel like I haven't seen you for ages and ages ha. I love shutters too but agree about the cleaning ha. I think your project with the doors sounds great. xx Katherine

  2. Shutter Windows are great to look at, I have seen it in some house for sale it's really nice cause it gives enough sunlight and air in the house.

  3. Is that fish still alive? Have you tried putting a mirror next to him to get him in fighting mode. That will warm him up.
    Your friend in major shutter love, and wishing she had some.

  4. so beautiful house....shutters in different colours looks amazing.

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  5. These are pretty much colorful and I am amazed to see the work over here.
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  6. Well truly said, shutters helps a lot in protecting the house from bad weather. Recently I have also installed a shutter in my house from Shutters Australia.

  7. Aw, the image is not available so I can’t give you easy tips on cleaning shutters based on what material they are made off. But generally speaking, a vacuum with soft brush can keep the dust away, and a damp cloth can be used once in a while. Anyway, I agree with you that shutters are wonderful, both for the interior and exterior.


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