Tuesday, July 26, 2011

VS = bargain

For those of you who don’t know who I’m talking about when I say VS than this is the post for you. If you don’t like a bargain – then stop reading. Anyone? Anyone not liking a bit of a bargain in the shoe arena? …

I’ve been purchasing ‘work shoes’ through Victoria Secrets online for about 8 years.

Colin Stuart, one of the labels sold through VS, makes a cracking shoe which I can wear and wear and wear. They’re attractive, no one else has them and they’re always a fraction of the price of anything here. I've never had a broken heel – ever, or peeling of the outer.

I’m hard on work shoes. Very hard. I kick them on the desk leg and chair, flick them off on the back deck to sit in the heat over a weekend, throw in the boot. 

Anyway, I’m talking about this because my shoes just arrived yesterday (after only ordering them on Thursday) and this is what I got for $146 INCLUDING postage from the States...

These were both $39 each. They may look a little hooker-like in the photos, but with a pair of pants they're good.  
And these for summer ... the coral one’s were $25 and the cork flip flops were $15. Cheeeeeeap.

It's not just shoes that they do - it's all clothes. They do a fabulous summer sale on beachware and 'flirty'dresses (their term not mine) Click here to go to their sale items which are currently heavily reduced.

What I find a little amusing about this post is that those of you who don't know me or what i look like will draw a conclusion about me from the shoes i've bought. Hahaa, I wonder what you're thinking ... black patent platform cork slingbacks hmmmn, could go either way couldn't it.


  1. Love your shoes!! Just had a quick look but am not sure about the sizing, any hints?

  2. Hi Anonymous, I take a 39.5-40 in every other designer shoe and the sizing for Colin Stuart is spot on for me. I really only ever buy his stuff and it's always been true to size.