Monday, July 18, 2011

they're red ... finally!

You may recall that I planted a tomato vine a few months ago? It’s been shooting up like no one’s business but at one point seemed to have no intention of sprouting anything other than leaves. I wondered how big it needed to be to produce? As people tell me, tommy’s don’t like the cold so I lowered my expectations of daily ripenings until …
About 4 weeks ago it grew some green tomatoes and then to my surprise I snapped this little bunch above last week.

And then, this morning another little blushing duo were waiting patiently on the dirt –they’re a different sort. The bunch above is very red now, definitely edible looking. I guess I pull them off the vine? Or do they drop off?

I wonder if weekends will ever go for longer? 2 days isn’t substantial enough for my to-do list which seemingly doubles in size as each day passes, tax time always throws a spanner in the works  (if truth be known, I need better time management skills) Oh, and Shop 16 is no longer. In short - too hard. If there were 48 hours in one day – no problem, but trying to stock, display and organise a shop and work full time hours is too much (truly -  and that’s not a time management thing, trust me). Painting each night, sourcing things every weekend and running here and there in lunch breaks is not the manic way of life the cancerian lassy thrives on. This Miners Couch is still for sale in there at the moment though.
For smaller items and the soft furnishings etc, I’ll do what any person who likes to march to the beat of their own drum does and Go online! I’m fine tuning an Etsy store as a starting point – I like the layout they use.  I still have cushions being made and furniture to finish off for people first so it will come … eventually.

Meanwhile I bought this fabulous old map at WAC a few weeks ago, (a parting gift to myself from myself) and then this week collected the bedhead which I bought on ebay for $30.

My Art Deco wrought iron gates that were supposed to be the bedhead are warped, so this is it for now. They both have to live in unison at the moment. There are only 2 walls long enough to house that map. A bedroom wall or the one where the tv is. ‘A’ would be fairly disturbed if he came home to a map instead of a plasma.

This chair has been huddled in the shed which I’ve given a new home. Great shape. The gold (whilst worn and outdated) is rather pretty with the latte/gold bedhead.

Has anyone been to Classic Cakes at Holland Park? This is the interior.
I popped in there after an appt and grabbed a coffee, slice of mudcake and a melting moment. I Shared the cake and melting moment with a pal from work. I did. Delish – it really did melt. Get in there. The owner is just as gorgeous as the stunning Sophia Loren framed prints on the wall and makes a mean cake. Very mean, it’s settled on my thighs as we speak but was totally worth it.


  1. omg I'm so glad you bought that map!

    I'd eyed it off at the WAC - and even measured it up - but alas it didn't fit on the wall I was considering it for.

    I'd comforted myself with the fact that at least I was saving money by not buying it - but had hoped it went to a good home.

  2. Oh, that's the map above the new bedhead! It looks excellent!

    I keep thinking about your rainbow cake and whether I should make it for my one-year-old's next birthday. I should go and check if you made it.

    What are you going to whip up with those tomatoes?

  3. As soon as i saw it Alecia i had to have. I love the colours. It's huge isn't it? I've tracked it back to late 1950's going off population numbers. Cracker.

    MMMC, I haven't made that cake! But desperately want to. You do it first - you'll be better at it than I will because you just will be. Probably bruschetta, i don't have much of an imagination with making my own food.

  4. Drool,drool over your map, don't you be talking about mudcake.