Friday, July 8, 2011

that house!

For those of you who watch Madmen, there’s an episode where Don goes to Palm Springs and the house he visits is absolutely and utterly a-maz-ing. It’s completely my dream home in every way, EVERY way.

I’ve been researching it and now that I’ve found out more about it, my heart yearns and aches to own it. It’s saddening when you know you’ll never have something. I could try and replicate it – but how do you replicate this magnificence?

The wood pannelling is featured throughout and is the perfect tone, polished cement is featured to strategically divide the living from the foyer, white floors bring out the geometric pattern in the glass framing, there's fireplaces, sunken bedrooms a guest house .... oh my, what a fine example of mid century california.

Here’s the kicker  - Frank Sinatra and Lucille Ball both owned it, Judy Garland was married here and Marilyn Monroe’s last photo shoot for the movie ‘Somethings gotta give’ was taken in the pool by photographer Lawrence Schiller in 1962. (if you’re a Monroe fan like I am you’ll enjoy  an interview with Schiller about Marilyn HERE)
The estate, Fox Residence, was designed by William Pereira and Charles Luckman and completed in 1949. It's based in Chatsworth, California high up on the hill at 9361 Farralone Ave.  These days, the house is often used for photo shoots and filming which has included Swordfish, Dreamgirls and some TV series like Madmen, Californication and CSI. I’m not sure who owns it now though. Frank had great taste, he owned another home similar to this which you can rent for $2600 USD a night.

Here are some more shots of it right now ... look past the furnishings. I've also thrown in some screen shots of Madmen - in that instance, definitely look at the furnishings

What a healthy looking palm, cracking planter and the u-shaped brick work around the trees is so cute
Love the bricks inside painted white with the wood pannelling, the wooden flooring in this room is lovely too and looks superb butted up against the white change that you can see in the doorway to the left of the wall. I wish those chairs were absent in this photo.
stepping down into the main bedroom. Loving the frosted glass with timber framing above the doors and cabinetry (which also looks great)
the fireplace above is part of the living area which is where most of the filming for Madmen took place as you can see in these shots below.
isn't this house just the best?
This is the main hallway which runs from the foyer down to the main bedroom double doors. Don arriving below.
the guest house and pool
main living overlooking pool. More polished cement you can see on thebench seat against the glass
There are so many homes in movies that i think about often. The house in 'Hanging Up' which is owned by the father is incredible - another mid century. Cannot find a pic anywhere on that one and it seems i'm not the only one searching.

Meryl Streeps place in 'It's Complicated' is fab. Check out this link to a blog called cote de texas who've done a complete rundown on it. Very interesting how movie peeps use houses. And that vegetable garden is brilliant. A little reminder for you ...

Anyway, hop on to Cote De Texas, it really is interesting.

Last night at 2:30am'ish one of my beveled mirrors fell off the bedroom wall and smashed to the floor. It's important to add that we were both asleep, very still. It was so loud.  The nail came out after 12 months of being in the same position amongst other mirrors. Weird right? If anyone sees a cute rectangular beveled mirror anywhere - please tell me.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Yes, I'd love to have a house like that too! One day I hope.
    What a shame about your mirror. Do you think some spooky forces where behind it?xx

  2. i love my little workers cottage but I'd kill for those floor to ceiling windows :/

  3. I agree! It's a very magnificent house. I like the pool side area.

  4. It is called the fox residence because a family with the last name Fox owns it now.