Friday, July 29, 2011

Highschool Art

Did anyone do art throughout high school? Like as an elective class?  My school portfolio has been stashed for 15 years at my parents house and is a ‘when are you going to take…’ topic of conversation, often. I collected it 2 weeks ago and have been reminiscing with my amateur art thinking about what I might frame.

Believe me when i say, this is amateur and certainly not a post in hope of an art critic to offer me thousands of dollars for one - so do not have high expectations, but with the significance of grade 12 figure drawing attached to it, I like the idea of hanging it somewhere. Probably the office. Office’s are personal.

These are a couple of the one's i like. This was figure drawing so we drew from the interior to exterior, hence the skeletons (which I just don't mind … freaky as they are)
This is my favourite which I will definitely frame. I like how imperfect it is, it’s bold strokes make it less confronting, i've looked at purchasing a nude over the years but never find one i like, and if i do it's thousands of $$'s. This one's free.

 … i like the first one alot and don't mind the second but not sure if I would in the still of the night. Definitely different, but i also have a group of 4 that i've done as a mixed media, kind of like the Andy Warhol pic's, they could look ok together maybe?
First thing 'A' said about this one was 'is that red stuff blood' .. hmmn, it looks a little like a murder scene out of CSI. So i'm going to play around with it and cover the red back to black. It's a little too sensual for me but i'll see what it looks like when it's fixed.
This above was E.A.P circa Grade 10. Shading and cubism i think we were doing. It's not perfect at all, but i do like the childlike lack of proportion. It already has shadows so in a hallway under a light would be ok.

That's all that i took photos of and i've probably overdone it anyway. My goodness time gets away. Feels like yesterday i was standing there charcoal in hand and the clock ticking.

Does anyone else have school art that brings back memories? I have a few surrealist one's too which are wack with a capital W. I remember sitting there looking for things to add that were around me and being amused when my art teacher nodded in understanding of what? I do-not-know.

Have a fab weekend.


  1. What beautiful artistic memories...fantastic that your parents kept them for you. It is amazing how quickly time goes. It must feel like yesterday but as we all know High School is just in the memory bank- what fabulous fun it was though..

  2. You are seriously talented! Your first painting is my favourite, and I can imagine it hanging beautifully in a study.