Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rainbows, Cocktails & great coffee!

I ducked down to Melbourne for the weekend to visit a friend who lives in Richmond. After a late lunch we were greeted by this.
A double rainbow.
Isn't it glorious with the afternoon sun on the building? This was in St Kilda. We went to Stokehouse for lunch which was superb (of course). They're opening up in a new development at Southbank in late October this year and they're bringing 'The Bombe' dessert with them. Mmmm, tantalisingly delicious.

For anyone visiting the Richmond area you must pop into  Der Raum. A waiter at a bar in St Kilda gave us the hot tip. It's a cocktail bar. I have never tasted cocktails so magnificent. It's very quirky. This is what they give you to cleanse your pallet.
Everything's served in old medicine bottles or test tubes and the bar is covered in a overhead sea of hanging bottles. Definitely look at the website to get the idea.

Gypsey and Musquito in Richmond is a cafe with a cracker menu. It was kind of Australiana. Crocodile sausage was one thing on the menu. I opted for something non exotic/strange - potato hash with bacon and hollandaise. But the coffee, man oh man was it good and the decor is so cute. I really could live in that city.

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  1. Melbourne is the best place to visit for a weekend. I've never seen a double rainbow before. You lucky thing! I have seen a double yolk on occasion, and that always makes me feel lucky.
    I like the sound of that quirky bar very much.