Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the perfect study

At the moment, we're finalising downstairs floorplans and have opted to maximise space for a better wardrobe, therefore scrimping on space for the study. 
This has me smitten.

I love the red and white blinds.
One wall will look like this in the way of seating for two chairs and centre drawers, but there will be overhead cupboards and a window at one end.

This one below is similar to what i envisage, but not AS narrow.

I think this is what i want... i think. Floor plans are so damn hard to fine tune.


  1. Great idea! You don't need a large room for a study; such a waste of space really, and who wouldn't love a large wardrobe?! Organisation makes me happy. The white and red study here is beautiful.

  2. Missing bumping into you. Love your inspiration pics. Xx Katherine