Friday, August 19, 2011

Indigenous Art

I've been admiring Indigenous Art for a long time. I think, like Surrealism, you either love it or can't stand it.

A friend has just been out to the Red Centre and then on to Tennant Creek. As soon as she told me she was going, I jumped on her like a mosquito and pestered her to send me some photos of the art. She did. And this is what she placed into my hot little hand this morning...

It's called Women Dreaming. They are separate ponds where the women are sitting and, well ... dreaming. The pond on the bottom right hand corner is my fave. Once canvased, i think it'll look lovely on a white wall.
 This one is called Bush Seeds. The colours are gorgeous. I love the simplicity of it. Here's a close up.
I'm really chuffed with these two above, and being that the art centre at Tennant Creek provides a really great environment and workspace for the artists and pays them directly for their work, i'm happy knowing that the cash is going straight back into a great community initiative.

The piece i am rediculously head over heels with is this one below ... It's called Mina Mina Dreaming
It's reduced at the moment to $13,200. Unless i win one of those new fandangled million dollar scratchies, this little fella is staying put. This painting amongst other stunning pieces can be found on Beeauuutiful isn't it?

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