Wednesday, April 27, 2011

That's it?

I hope the easter bunny was kind to you all but is that really it?
5 whole days of easter fun is finito? Ugh! I suppose there is a glorious up side ... we're soon to be knocking on the door of another long weekend, yahoo!

A productive easter is the best way to describe the past 5-days for me and it seems that most people i talk to feel the same way. The neighbourhood was a buzz of activity. Mowers going, kids playing in the street, the waft of BBQ's a permanent fixture in the air, and to top it off, great weather ... until yesterday that is.

Easter Sunday we all mosied on out to my brother's farm which is about 1.5hours out of Brisbane. It's so beautiful out there even after the devastation of the flood. This is the base of their property, which they can't use at the moment due to fences having been washed away. I'm desperate to have some kind of picnic next to that creek. So pretty.

The view from the house on the property = instant relaxation 
This Cattle Dog has the loveliest temperament of any dog i've had the pleasure of knowing. She and I are now officially BFF's. I must've spent 20 minutes straight patting her head, neck, behind her ears, back, tummy. She's looking at me longingly hoping for more attention. How could i say no to that face?
Someon's laying eggs... there was another one out there perched up who is 'clucky', her picture didn't work out and she looked almost identicle to missy moo below anyway. She's not only sitting on chicken eggs but also 2 duck eggs. How they got in there i have no idea ... there was a duck darting around nervously quacking and wagging it's tale incessently when i was in the yard. I reckon she was the culprit ... laying eggs in another animals nest lilke that, cheeky little thing.
I was given a shop warming gift by my sis-in-law, a lil somethin somethin she picked up at the Toowoomba markets. It's a silver trophy cup and it has a rediculous amount of markings on the base, so is great quality silver but it does need a polish up.   It's for  the 'Best Pig or Pen of Pigs'... $5, she couldn't refuse it and i'm glad she didn't. We both decided it wouldn't like it as much if it wasn't for a pig.
The flowers are freshly picked from their garden. I have cuttings to strike the rose in this pic. Cross fingers it happens for me these thumbs have not an ounce of green on them. 

Onto Shop 16, crikey, this is a long post ....
Moved some more bits n pieces in yesterday including this Silky Oak Miners Couch. It's been recovered in the black and white version of the moroccan style fabric i'm in love with right now. It just goes with everything. I even threw the cushion on my couch and it looked fab ... this is it.

And in the shop. The large silky oak dining table it's sitting on is also for sale ... for the minute. It's such a stunning piece - i'm having serious doubts about letting it go. The black French glass dinner setting is cute. Only for 4 people but hardwearing stuff.
This large ornate mirror in semi gloss black is quite the headturner. I wished that i had a white wall to hang it on to appreciate it's potential, i visualise it above the miners couch
It's all about black ... this black glass table with gold embossing is rather lovely too. I know that it looks formal'ish, but i keep seeing it between two sturdy manilla cane chairs with neutral fabric to bring out that gold - a black throw over the arm ...
Poppy water jug and glass setting from Portugal. All the stickers are still on it. I love the cheeriness of it.
Anways, that's a couple of the things in Shop 16 at the moment.

This fabric below is going on some cane swivel chairs that will be painted white. It's very pretty. Reminds me of the flowers from my brothers property. The base colour is more cream, but there are white accents in the flowers. I think the white on the chairs will make the flowers more crisp.
Ok, i've prattled on for long enough i think. I do hope you all had a relaxing break. Thanks to those of you with the stamina to stay with me. Enjoy the short week and have a great May day weekend too.


  1. Does that lady dog have a brother or sister who would want to come and live with us?

  2. Some lovely finds for your shop. Can't wait to pop back to the wac for a better look. Beautiful country scenery as well- I love the mountain range- is it out near Laidley way? Mel.

  3. I tried to put her in the car to bring her home with me but it was too obvious. They plan to breed her - she's from 'very good stock' apparently... so good with the kids. Will let you know when she's going to be a mum - we'll be reserving one too. They also have a staffy which has an even better temperament. Mind you, I wouldn’t want to try and get into that yard in the middle of the night.

    It is lovely BG and always so green too. Not far from Laidley, further in toward the base of the range on the other side of Gatton . It’s about a 15min drive up the mountain to Toowoomba. Ooh, yes, get in there and have a look. So much to see at the WAC. I try to keep my blinkers on when I go there. I could spend, spend, spend.

  4. What a lovely smile your dog-iece has! You've worked wonders on that day bed. It really is fabulous!
    A pig trophy is hilarious, but great gift!

  5. I meant to tell you my sister in law you met at the WAC bought your lovely big blue ginger jar....wanted to let you know it is going to a good home, ha. She will love it, cheers Katherine

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