Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cladding Finite!

Makes such a difference to the house having it enclosed. The grass looks greener. I know that sounds weird, but it does and it's warmer upstairs.
The Dutch Door has been hung in the laundry.
I’ll paint it black - same as our guttering and will keep all the original hardware.
This week the boys will be back to make the window hoods and whatever other finishing touches they need to do to the exterior. 'A' has started puttying up the nails and is going to to the undercoat himself.
Building in underneath a house style that's traditionally is not two storey, has made us mindful of trying to maintain and uphold the original design. Being that we opted against casements for downstairs (this was a security choice), we ensured that the builders followed the vertical  line in the corners of the sunroom which (you can see below) to assist in tying the top and bottom floors.
We also chose to duplicate the small corner hopper windows in kosciusko glass on the bottom floor – this has made a brilliant impact on the front of the house. Being that we’re on a corner block, these additions have brought it all together quite nicely and maintained privacy into the front room from people entering the house via the steps.

Still a little way to go. Insullation, stairs, internal walls, plumbing, electrical, floors, painting.....


  1. Ah, can see it all coming together so quickly and easily. So excited about the insides too. Enjoy, melx

  2. Wow! How exciting. I love a good renovation at someone else's expense! It's looking so fabulous and I do admire the dutch door. Can't wait to see it all finished. It really is exciting!

  3. Looking great Liz, would love to see some inside shots. xxx

  4. Thanks for the comments!!! I'm excited about attacking the inside, but it's going to take a little while before I have any walls. Our builder has a few other things to finish off elsewhere but we'll get there eventually.x