Thursday, July 12, 2012

Smaller than I expected ...

As I titled this post I tried to think of an instance where "smaller than I expected" was a positive. I've decided that that instance is strictly applicable to debt.

The builders are doing a nice neat job and spending quality time with the dog in smoko breaks. B is beside himself. Having so many people excited to pat, spend time and share their sandwiches is almost too much for his little frame to handle.

I, however, am dellusional.

With my head cocked and uttering the words 'gee, that bathroom's smaller than i expected...' I realised that every single picture i'd planted in my mind of each room is at least 1m wider than it actually is.

This is the bathroom framed up

And to think that the draftswoman initially had a bath, shower and long vanity crammed in there.

Ok, it's not that small, it's the same size as the bathroom upstairs but I did picture something wider. Black walls will now only be confined to the courtyard. Of course once the internal walls are in there I'll have a better idea, but looking at it from this angle it's pretty little.

Way back. I'd initially intended on a cobble stone tile for the floor but couldn't find it so then jumped over onto a slate, uneven type of arrangement. Guess what? The tile company we use had a delivery of the most attractive cobble stone tiles last week. So with this in mind, and the bathroom being a little smaller, I'm liking the idea of a more intimate space with a nice porous floor.

It's funny how you always end up coming back to your original idea. Could this mean that i've found a second instance of smaller than expected being a positive? ... I don't think so. I really did want a black bathroom.


  1. Firstly do not panic. Things always seem a little smaller at framing stage. Mark out the vanity/bath etc on the floor and that might help you. Check the measurements too, in some cases it really is smaller because the draftsman has stuffed up the footing plan like at our place where our last house ended up a foot shorter than it should have. And thirdly, you are just not being very creative today about the smaller than expected bit. Several things came to my mind including 1. jeans size 2. pimple size and baby's head size on vaginal delivery. melx

  2. Ha! You are SO right. My creativity was at a total standstill! There's some very positive instances you've listed there.

    I'll do exactly that tonight, outline the vanity and have a good walk around. Thanks Mel.x

  3. yes as Bungalowgirl says draw it. I had a heart attack on seeing my new bedroom and went and measured bed and drew it on the floor - the room really is bigger than you think!
    i have discovered I have no spatial awareness at all and need to get to the gib stage before i am fully aware of how big new rooms are. boys new bathroom is HUGE as in a badroom size!

  4. Don't worry, you're in Stage 2 of House Building. Stage 1: Euphoric - the plans look fantastic, this is the best designed house in the country (Magazines are going to want to photograph this place). Stage 2 - frames go up - Damn it - this place is so small, there's barely enough room for the loo. (No-one's going to want to photograph this place, not even me.) Stage 3 - Walls go up - Wow, this place could actually turn out how I planned. Stage 4 - Haven't got there yet. Will let you know.

  5. loving all the comments. I have every confidence that knowing you and what you do it will all turn out totally amazing!!!