Thursday, July 5, 2012

Who's that artist?

Isn't this a pretty work room. Everything about it looks perfect. The old counter, the curtain divide which looks like it's made out of old card table tablecloths and fabric remnants, the nice high ceilings. I wish I could see more of the rug. I don't know where this image is from. I've had it saved in 'pictures' on the computer for possibly a year. Same with the image below - they were saved together.

I love the painting in this one. Cute cat.

Does anyone know who the artist may be for this painting? Every time I see it I visualise this in my house.


  1. Love the blue lamp! Have no idea re the artist? What's going on with are in a blogging frenzy ha...every time I log on there is a new post ? I do enjoy them though. xx

    1. Hey Katherine. Frenzy indeed!
      I'm clearing out my pictures file on the computer so thought I'd store them on here instead. I've worn myself out now...
      Agree, the blue lamp gorgeous!!

  2. hello! I've just started reading your blog and then saw LCA on your blogroll- thanks! These pics are beautiful . . .don't you hate it when you just have no idea where they came from. Good luck with your building . . keep the pictures coming! lovT