Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Two weeks?

The builder's have moved in and it's well and truly happening. 
Windows and Doors will be delivered this week, so the lads will have everything they need.

This was the downstairs area Yesterday. The weekend was spent clearing out my hoarding and shoving it wherever space would permit. It's not huge, our house is quite narrow.

So the builders were thinking they’d do stage 1 in two weeks (that’s just cladding and framing).

They move quite  swiftly these builders.

Quickly though, I must mention a disappointing revelation of today. Turns out that our stumpers didn't line up the poles correctly 5 years ago. I'd noticed this recently but assumed it was intentional. Negative on the intentional. You can see on the left below how one side has a double thickness wall. This is exactly the kind of thing that p****s me right off. Firstly, because the stumpers are incompetent and secondly, because we never checked their work. 

Lesson: We're not in the 1940's anymore - meticulous is hard to come by. Not only do we now pay too much for someone to do something, we need to check what they've done as well.

Moving along before I jinx anything, I wonder what tomorrow will bring? Our builders are good. They're onto it and are totally flexible. We've changed this window, that door, this height - and that's just today, Day 1. Poor bastards. Now we have the option of recesses in the hallway wall due to the stumpers. I'm not a recess kinda gal, but being that the hallway is now narrower (which I do not dig), I may need to take them up on the offer. I have tonight to think about it.

So today, we have all the ant capping done, markings and almost one side of the house framed plus numerous alterations to placement of doors and sizes of rooms.
 2 weeks is looking possible. We’re not intending on anything fancy pants down there so everything should tick along nicely. This is the plus of having done upstairs first - rainy weather doesn't hinder building in underneath. 

Damn those stumpers.


  1. Yay for progress! What exactly are you doing downstairs? I vaguely remember reading something about a bathroom, maybe? Also, you wouldn't happen to have a great draftsman to recommend would you? We are working drawings and discovered ours does not use CAD and draws everything by hand! thanks, melx

  2. Hey Mel, Yay indeed!!
    So there'll be 2 extra bedrooms, a study, lounge/living, laundry, bathroom and powder room will go downstairs.

    No, I don't have a draftsman I'm afraid. Ours was not great so I wouldn't recommend. From memory i'm sure I read on http://wecouldweshouldwewoodrenovate.blogspot.com.au/ that Clarissa was happy with theirs?

  3. What did you decide on the recesses?? I think it could be an interesting feature. xxx

    1. Hey Katherine,
      Yep, doing two of them 900 wide to the height of the door in the hallways and am still pondering the main living room. The hallway was always going to house some of the gazillion paintings and prints I have so this way they'll be clustered in the wall vs off which will save space.x