Thursday, August 2, 2012

Horse Head Lamp x 2!

Yesterday was a good day for a few reasons:
  • The weather was stunning
  • I've finally located some of the internal doors for downstairs - it's been 2 months in the making. The Brisbane Demolition yards must be so sick of seeing me slinking around the glass door section, and;
  • I came across two stunning horse head lamps
They need new shades plus a bit of a polish and dust off. I love the clear acrylic on the base and the gold detailing that holds the shade.

The owner of the market was not there, but i'm going to call him to see where these came from. They're pretty big. Maybe 50cm high to the head plus the lamp.

I'm very excited to figure where these two will go. Keep them together or split them? I threw a spare black shade on it last night, much better, but I'd prefer one slightly stouter. As in wider and shorter and a little lower and closer to the head with gold lining.
The only negative is that they don't face one another. They are the same, not a mirror image which i didn't notice when I bought (it wouldn't have made a difference anyway).

Here's a shot of one of the doors i've located. This is for a bedroom.

I had all three ready to go when I bought the dutch door in May.  'A' wouldn't allow me to have the frames made to suit their size, he wanted to keep a more universal standard opening... good for the builders and future owners who may not like the doors I choose, not good for me and the doors I want.

All three doors for both bedrooms and bathroom will be this style. Obscure glass at the top and closed in at the bottom. I need as much light in the hallway as possible. Dark hallways on the bottom floor of houses are creepy. The more natural light the better.


  1. Giddy-up!
    (love your horsies)

  2. I love those horse lamps I saw some at the WAC recently, I wonder if they are the same ones.

  3. Really? At WAC? Judging by the amount of dust on these puppies, they looked as though they'd been with this guy for a while ... do you remember how much the WAC one's were ... out of curiosity?xo

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