Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Painted & Window Hoods

It's been a busy couple of weeks with the prepping and painting of the house exterior . Our builder advised that the sooner we get a first coat on the weatherboard the better so it doesn't dry out and split.

'A' has been all over it. Gap filling the board joins and nail indents, sanding and cutting in and then finally whacking on the first coat. We used these paddle sponge things to apply the paint. Much easier on the wrist than an oversized brush.

We did the external of the house in the same colour scheme for inside all those years ago. White Watsonia trim and Whisper White for the main - black trim. Whisper White is a great colour (in my opinion) for VJ and weatherboard. Because it's not a glaring white, it manages to hide dust outside and seems to absorb the floorboard colour inside as opposed to reflect it. Whether that makes sense to anyone other than me, i do not know ...
And the window hoods are up. The builder replicated the originals on the top level of the house. Unfortunately, we can no longer get our hands on the smaller guttering which this style of home used for hoods originally. We'll need to replace all hood guttering on the house with the general size of today. I find it surprising, given how many colonials and queenslanders we have in Qld, that no one does a smaller guttering any longer?

In garden news. We have a passionfruit vine that absolutely loves where it's been planted. It continues to creep along the fenceline. It's looks great and produces to!

On Sunday, I repotted a bunch of plants and added some top soil to the front garden in preparation for Spring. The man at Bunnings said end of August early September is the best time for us to prune here in Qld. I'm pleased to see the Christmas tree below flowering, as are the local birds.
These are the bathroom tiles below
And, in breaking news, my vanity double sink may be too large for the space. Dammit! Plumber comes later in week to talk it all through, Fingers crossed.


  1. It's all looking fanastic. Love your shower grate, these linear rectangular ones are so stylish and so practical. Good luck with squeezing the vanity! melx

  2. I live in a Queenslander too and have just decided to follow you 'cos it's always interesting to see another Queenslander being renovated. I was surprised to learn that you can't get the smaller downpipes too.